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Top 5 Jerseys for Hoopster Women

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hoopster-jerseys-womenHappy Thursday Jersday! Since we’ve started giving female sports fans a voice and celebrating them with our #imaunicorn campaign, I thought I’d focus on a small, but awesome group of ladies that we know and love…the female hoopster. Here are the top five jerseys for women.


1. LeBron James

LeBron has the top selling jersey in the country right now, and don’t think part of those sales numbers haven’t come from women. Check out Tulisa Contostavlos rocking a throwback Heat jersey with a pair of Jordans on her feet. Talk about going hard in the paint!


2. Michael Jordan

I’m not going to lie, I really dislike Miley Cyrus, but I can’t fault her for rocking the Jordan jersey here. It’s a classic. The jewelry and heels are a bit overkill, but I dig what she’s trying to do. You can never go wrong with His Airness. On that note, I hope this is the last photo of Hannah Montana I ever have to look at.


3. Kobe Bryant

I have to give this girl credit because it’s a throwback Kobe Bryant jersey. Any true female hoopster knows the value of wearing retro gear, and even though you see Kobe everywhere you go, this is the right way to wear it.


4. David Robinson

Way to get creative with The Admiral. You don’t always have to wear sneakers and shorts. Change it up, and make it a little funky. To top it off, this girl is paying tribute to a legend.


5. We Respect Them All

If you know how to rock a jersey, we’ll respect you no matter what. If you’ve got the confidence and the style to pull it off, let us know. Tweet @BaconSports with the hashtag #imaunicorn. These are examples of a few of our favorites, but the more obscure the better in our eyes! Do you own a Jamal Mashburn jersey from his Dallas Mavericks days? How about a Jeff Hornacek jersey with Utah’s purple mountains majesty across the front? All the better! Holla.

Special Recognition


This last piece is to recognize Tiffany Suarez out of the University of Virginia. Not the jersey…the player.


I’m not sure we can officially count her as a female hoopster because she’s an actual athlete. I think that makes her just a baller. If any female hoopsters want to go out and get her jersey, I’m completely on board with that.

Also, Rihanna is having fun wearing her hoopster gear the right way as well.

Jersey Czar out!

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Ryan Mackman

Ryan Mackman

Ryan Mackman has more jerseys than your girlfriend has shoes, and he's not ashamed of it. If he could, he'd wear a jersey with a tie to work every day, but apparently that's "not professional." The sock game would still be strong, though.