Top 5 Random Jerseys Rocked at Lollapalooza 2012

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Earlier in the week I posted all of the random Hoopster jerseys that I saw at Lollapalooza (See Day One, Day Two, or Day Three here). The stable of jerseys was the most impressive lineup that I’ve ever seen. It wasn’t easy to narrow this down to a Top 5. Some of the jerseys that didn’t make this list were unreal in their own right. It’s like having to rank a Top 5 out of Lebron, Kobe, Kevin Durant, Dwight Howard, Derrick Rose, Chris Paul, and Dirk Nowitzki. Just because you don’t include Dirk and Chris Paul doesn’t mean that they aren’t also elite players, they are. They just are slightly less elite than the other guys.

If your jersey was selected as one of the Top 5 then shoot an email to and I’ll send you some BaconSport schwag. Here’s the Top 5 jerseys that blew my mind at Lollapalooza.

#1. Dominique Wilkins Boston Celtics jersey:

Dominique Wilkins Celtics jersey

The reason that this Dominique Wilkins jersey gets the top spot is because it has the rare combination of being an elite player with the randomness of a team that he spent so little time with. Before seeing this jersey I didn’t even know that Dominique was on the Celtics. Great job Caleb Wenstrom for this. You were the top Hoopster of Lollapalooza!

#2. Dale Davis Portland Trailblazers and Kenny Anderson Boston Celtics jerseys:

Dale Davis Kenny Anderson Jerseys

This duo blew my mind with their Dale Davis and Kenny Anderson jerseys. Neither player was good enough for someone to actually be a huge fan of them but they were well known enough to not be total turds. Because of that you are likely to go your entire life without seeing two more of these jerseys. Well done.

#3. Earl Boykins Denver Nuggets jersey:

Earl Boykins Nuggets Jersey

Total number of Earl Boykins jerseys ever purchased: 1. If my jaw drops when I see a jersey then you’ve done a good job. This Hoopster went with the bench/scrub player route to impress everyone. It worked.

#4. Muggsy Bogues Washington Bullets jersey:

Muggsy Bogues Bullets Jersey

This Muggsy Bogues Washington Bullets jersey is so fantastic because Bogues Charlotte Hornets jersey is the one that you expect Hoopsters to rock. When you go against the grain and wear the jersey of the obscure first team of a player that people forget that he even played for then you did your job.

#5. Drazen Petrovic New Jersey Nets jersey:

Drazen Petrovic Nets jersey

I love this Drazen Petrovic New Jersey Nets jersey because it’s a jersey that a lot of Hoopsters want but you so rarely see. You get credit for not only showing off your NBA knowledge but for also giving homage to someone that died while still playing the game. Mad Props.

I want to give a shout out to two other jerseys from Lollapalooza that don’t qualify because they aren’t NBA jerseys but definitely deserve some dap. The first is the John Kruk Philadelphia Phillies jersey and the second is the Rashaan Salaam Chicago Bears jersey. Both of those are Walkoff jerseys and in any other jersey competition would finish in the top three.

John Kruk Phillies Jersey

Rashaan Salaam Bears Jersey

Check out all three days of Lollapalloza and the random jerseys we captured: Day OneDay Two, or Day Three. Also, don’t forget to check out the video compilation of all of the jerseys from Lollapalooza.

If you see any random jerseys on the street snap a pic and send it to us on Instagram or Twitter @BaconSports and use #randomjerseyClick here to see the most comprehensive guide to random jerseys ever! 

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