Top 5 random sports videos of the week

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scottie pippen dunks on patrick ewing

scottie pippen dunks on patrick ewing

Ohio State can’t play in a bowl game this year because they are on probation for Tattoo-Gate so in order to help make up for that here’s a video from the 1985 Citrus Bowl where Cris Carter makes an unbelievable catch on the sidelines.

Holy crap Batman, that was a bomb ass catch. I know that all that Cris Carter did was catch touchdowns but damn son. I’d probably rank this catch ahead of Devin Smith’s amazing one handed catch earlier this season. Which do you think is better? Put your response in the comments section.

Wilt Chamberlain playing basketball in High School

I would give my left nut to be able to dunk once none the less be 7 feet tall and dominate everyone else on the court. Being Wilt would not have sucked. Little did everyone know that this 7’1″ stilt would be slaying chicks like frat bros wearing popped collars and Croakies at a UVA night game. Way back when we did a breakdown of what Wilt Chamberlain was better at, playing basketball or laying the lumber. You can see the breakdown here.

Bets hits from hurling

If you’ve never heard of the sport Hurling before then you are in for a treat. Imagine a sport that is a combination of basketball, field hockey, rugby, and football. The hitting in the game is vicious and the ball that they use is as forgiving as a landmine. With the NHL currently locked out I’m recommending that hockey fans shift their attention to this International sport to help satisfy their craving of blood.

Pat the Roc’s sick ball handling skills in Matt & Kim’s “Let’s Go” video (fast forward to 35 seconds)

Pat the Roc is the Ric Flair of dribbling. Dude ball’s hard. I’m guessing that Joe Johnson took a page from Pat the Roc when he destroyed Paul Pierce’s ankles in a game last week.

Top 10 dunks on Patrick Ewing

I was never a fan of Patrick “I take three steps in the lane, shuffle my feet one more time, then put up a shot” Ewing. That’s why I enjoyed every second of seeing him get posterized in these dunks. The number one dunk that Scottie Pippen throws down is just vicious. Too bad the NBA Jams announcers weren’t there to yell “BOOM SHAKALAKA!”

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