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bikefallIn this weeks top 5 random sports videos I give you the worst free throw ever (seriously, ever), some dope foosball trick shots, an amazing frisbee catch that involves a bridge and a boat, Danny Macaskill showing off some ill skills on the bike, and a mix of some sweet Jason Williams highlights (no, not the dude that shot his limo driver, White Chocolate Jason Williams).

Worst Free Throw Ever:

I’m sure this video has gone viral by now as this is the absolute worst free throw attempt in the history of basketball. Somewhere James Naismith is rolling in his grave because he did not invent basketball for crap like this to happen. This shot reminds me of one of my favorite lines from “Major League” – Just a bit outside.

Amazing foosball trick shots:

As one who spent countless hours playing foos in college I only wish that I had half the skills that the dudes who created that video have. We all majored in something in college. For some of us it was Natty Light, for others it was easily attainable but less than pleasing on the eyes sorority girls. It’s apparent that these guy majored in being the best foosball players possible. I didn’t even consider coming up with shots that these guys were making. Bravo sirs.

Speed boat frisbee catch:

Some things in life are tell tail signs. If you are going to get in a fight you better check out the other dudes ears to make sure he doesn’t have cauliflower ear. If he does you are toast because that means he was a wrestler and he’s about to make you his bitch. When you see a guy throw a frisbee by flicking his wrist you know that he’s a stoner and is a baller at frisbee. You know that he’s a stoner because who else would have the idea of throwing a frisbee off of a bridge and having his boys who are chilling in a boat try and track it down and jump off the boat to catch it. Don’t get me wrong, I’d totally love to be the guy who jumps off the boat to catch the frisbee. However, that doesn’t mean that this isn’t a stoner idea.

Danny MacCaskill’s crazy bike skills (fast forward to 1 minute mark):

Danny Macaskill is the Lebron James or Sidney Crosby of riding bikes. He can do things with a bike that I couldn’t even do on my feet or with training wheels. You should check out some of his other videos. They are just as impressive.

Jason Williams Mix:

Remember how fun White Chocolate was to watch when he was on the Sacramento Kings with C-Web? He is what all of us slow white kids thought we could do when we stepped on the court. His play on the court was pretty much the opposite of what you think of when you talk about the San Antonio Spurs. Give me ten Jason Williams before one Carmelo Anthony. I’m much more of a fan of crazy passing and getting your teammates involved over volume shooting.

Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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