Top 9 Old School WWE Finishing Moves

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top-wwf-finishing-movesA wrestler’s finishing move can can make or break a match or, in fact, a wrestler’s entire career. So, with that in mind, I present a list of some of the best old school finishers used by some of the WWE’s biggest stars. Old school, in this case, refers to anything from the rise of Hulkamania to the beginning of the Attitude Era. Without any further adieu, let’s get to the list, and any comments or lists of your own are more than welcome.

#9 Earthquake Splash- Earthquake

I pity any man who had to endure this punishing finisher. However, I don’t know whether to feel worse for this behemoth of a man landing on their chest, or his crotch landing in their face.

#8 Tombstone Piledriver- The Undertaker

Luckily, Taker came to being at just the right time. Ten years earlier and this would have just been called an “Inverted Piledriver.” Ten years later and it would have been known as “Piledriver #69.”

#7 Scorpio Splash- 2 Cold Scorpio

I like to imagine Jimmy Snuka watching wrestling on his television at home, and he jumps to his feet after watching Scorpio pull off his “450 Splash.” As popcorn and beer flies everywhere, Snuka angrily points to the screen and yells, “Yeah, but can you do that off the top of a cage??”

#6 Razor’s Edge- Razor Ramon

Fun fact: The reason Razor’s power bomb looks so different than most others is because his opponents slowly slide off of his shoulders due to the excess Machismo.

#5 Flying Elbow Drop- Randy Savage

Fun fact #2: Randy Savage began to wear tassels on his ring attire because it made the flying elbow look extra sweet in the air. Either that or the distinct Tassel to Crazy Ratio that exists in professional wrestling.

#4 Figure Four- Ric Flair

The only move more effective than the Figure Four during the 80s was the move that Flair used to get all the ladies to take a ride on Space Mountain.

#3 DDT- Jake the Snake Roberts

Ever wonder what Jake Roberts was thinking when he hit the DDT? I’ll let Jake explain it to you. It is probably just as weird as you might imagine.

#2 Running Leg Drop- Hulk Hogan

Fun fact #3: During the 80s, Hulk Hogan “Leg Dropped” everyone but the Pope. This only serves to prove that when Hulk demanded everyone say their prayers, the Pope listened.

#1 Frankensteiner- Scott Steiner

Before he became a “genetic” freak, Scott Steiner was without question the most athletic performer in professional wrestling. When The Ultimate Warrior retired, however, Steiner decided to take the torch as the most confusing performer in professional wrestling.

What would be on your list of top old school wrestling finishing moves?

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