Greatest Trail Blazers Jersey Collection

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What we have here is quite possibly the greatest Portland Trail Blazers jersey collection ever assembled. This comes from Eric Rickets aka @PartyOnBro.

Obviously the sheer volume of Trail Blazers jerseys is impressive. On top of that the randomness of the players jerseys is top notch. Here are my favorite jerseys by row:

  • 1st row: Marcus Camby. There’s something about Marcus Camby that is very appealing. For me it starts with his days at UMass where he was a stud (shout out to Carmelo Travieso & Edgar Padilla). From there his NBA career took him just about everywhere (which kept him in the news cycle). Despite some injuries, dude cleaned up the glass and defensively made his mark. Sure his career didn’t end up as a Hall of Famer, but I’m still down with the Cambyman.
  • 2nd row: Arvydas Sabonis. Not my Vydas, Not your Vydas. Ar-vydas.
  • 3rd row: Nick Van Exel. This was a tough one as I’m also a big fan of the Kenny Anderson jersey. The deciding factor was that Van Exel only played one season with the Trail Blazers, which makes his jersey more obscure. I’m always a sucker for left-handed shooting guards with handles.
  • 4th row: Detlef Schrempf. I wish someone would come out with a Detlef Schrempf line of everything. Plates, napkins, kitchen aprons, you name it. I just can’t get enough. Shout out to the Sebastian Telfair jersey by the way.
  • 5th row: Gary Trent aka The Shaq of the MAC. I own this jersey as well as to my knowledge I don’t know of anyone else that has it. What’s the eskimo brothers version of having the same jersey? We need to create that. Hit me up on Twitter @BaconSports and let me know what you think.

Bravo Eric. You’ve set the bar high, just like the way the Jail Blazers would want you to. Smoke em’ if you got em’.

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