Travis Henry Random Jersey Just Watching The Game

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Travis Henry Bills JerseyTravis Henry Bills Jersey

Wow Factor of this Random Jersey: 7 out of 10.

This Travis Henry Bills jersey is seven years expired but there haven’t been a lot of Buffalo Bills jerseys that have been worth buying in the last ten years. Henry’s time in Buffalo was almost to elite level for two seasons. In 02′ and 03′ he ran for over 1350 yards and 10+ TD’s each season. However, Henry left the Bills on a sour note (he got injured and lost his starting job to Willis McGahee in 04′) so any good will that he had with the fans quickly evaporated when he demanded a trade.

Apparently this bartender is completely oblivious to this and the fact that Travis Henry has fathered nine kids by nine different baby’s momma’s. It is estimated that he still owes over $170,000 in per year in child support payments. As if that isn’t bad enough he was arrested in 08′ and sentenced to three years in prison for financing a cocaine trafficking operation. Even Shawn Kemp, who has seven kids by six different women, thinks that Henry’s life is out of control.

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