Trent Richardson Trade: We did it again Browns

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angry-browns-fans-trent-richardson-tradeI woke up this morning and knew where I was, slowly opened my eyes hoping I was dreaming and it hadn’t happened. But just like rolling over after a night out and seeing the chick you took home last night that now looked like a 4 instead of an 8, it was too late. This describes my feelings about the Cleveland Browns trading former #3 overall pick Trent Richardson to Indianapolis Colts for a future first round pick.

Still stunned, and before I go all crazy like Hal McCrae, it is time to rethink the previous night and how exactly it got to this.

To me the Cleveland Browns and my relationship with them is very equivalent to the situation aforementioned. At the beginning of the night I see them and am not too excited about their prospects, simply they have done nothing to excite me. You know who they are because you saw them as you walked into the bar. You have a few drinks and it is the equivalent to the Browns signing a few free agents that make you rethink for a minute and raise your eyebrows.

But still being the realist and in control of myself, I remind myself that I have been in this situation in the past and remember the outcome. I decide to check myself and continue on. Now you move onto some more beers and a much better looking chick, starting to feel real good. This is the Browns winning a few preseason games and look real good in doing so with the starters looking to be in midseason form. You and other’s start talking them up and think this could be the year and everything is finally coming into place. So what do I do? Instead of settling in with the prettier girl, I drink more beers or “the Kool-aid” in the Browns case, and start to think I can play with the big boys, and start to hone in on that “10” (who Trent Richardson symbolizes in this case) in the corner.  Oh were we wrong.

Quickly shot down, it was over before it began. It is that 1-14 opening day record the Browns sport since being back in the NFL since 1997. I had all the alcohol serving as false hope leading me to think this would be different this time. Once I went in to talk and with a sly pick up-line, I quickly realized I was a little too drunk and never had a shot.

What is the next move? It is for the Browns to realize that they are still a year away, throw away the season, look to the draft, and dump their best assets- in this case their only offensive threat and supposedly franchise saving/changing running back Trent Richardson. I tell myself she was not good enough and I could do without her just like the Browns told the world about T-Rich. In my case I take a shot of nasty liquor, throw away all inhibitions, go back to the same routine as always and then…

I am nursing a bad hangover, looking next to the mirage of a girl from last night in disbelief and repugnance while thinking how the hell I let this happen again. Welcome to my life as a Cleveland Browns fan. I tell myself and everyone else I am done and will never do this or let it happen again. Guess what? I keep trying because I think this next time is going to be different. See me next week and next year as I forget about what happened before and do it all over again.

I am a die-hard Cleveland Browns fan and it will never change.

Who knew before the season that the biggest NFL game would be week 13 when the Jacksonville Jaguars travel to the shores of Lake Erie and take on the Cleveland Browns in what could decide each franchise’ fate for the next 10 years?

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