TV Jerseys: A New Jersey Category

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tv-jerseyWe are starting a new jersey category for all of you to look out for and it comes in the form of TV jerseys. Jerseys are everywhere and I’ve noticed a prevalence of them randomly popping up in TV commercials or on shows. These jerseys are often very generic or have made up team names, which helps add to the uniqueness and randomness of them.

The prevalence of brands using jerseys is a testament to the jersey culture and we want to highlight and celebrate the brands out there that are down with the jersey game. So here’s what we want you to do. When you are watching the boob tube and you see a commercial or show that has someone rocking a TV jersey, like the Lowe’s one in the picture above, snap a pic and tweet it to us @BaconSports and use hashtag #tvjersey. We’ll retweet and do articles on the best ones.

To get things started I mentioned TV jerseys on Facebook and got these two gems sent over.


Cliff Huxtable getting his swag on in a very random and obscure Ramon Ramos Trail Blazers jersey. Ramos was severely injured in a car accident after a road game and it ended his short NBA career. Cliff is going next level by giving him dap with his jersey game. (H/T: Eric Torres)

terry-tate-jerseyOffice linebacker Terry Tate in the house. You’ll never forget to kill the Joe and make some mo’ with Terry around! WOOO WOOO! (H/T: Neil Giles)


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