Tweets about Tony Romo, the Steelers, and the Bengals

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tomlinTony Romo lead the Dallas Cowboys to a come from behind victory at the expense of the Cincinnati Bengals. The Pittsburgh Steelers, who’s fans are as rational as a gorilla on acid, laid a major egg as they crapped the bed vs the going nowhere San Diego Chargers. Since Twitter gives smart, logical, and completely unbiased fans an opportunity to have their voice heard I thought I’d check in and see what people were saying about these players and teams. Here’s some of the best tweets about Tony Romo, the Steelers, and the Bengals.

Brad is right. Mike Tomlin, who has been to two Super Bowls and won one of them, sure is a turd. The Steelers should fire him and sign Marty Mornhinweg or Rich Kotite. Better yet, maybe they can trade for Rex Ryan.

I’ll have to say that I love this yinzers dedication to Heinz ketchup. Sure he can’t spell Heinz or Hines correctly but you can’t blame him. He’s pissed about Mike Wallace sucking worse than Colorado Buffalos football, having to use MagicJack for your Internet, buying a suit from Joseph A. Bank on a day in which they aren’t doing a buy one get eight free promotion, or drafting Greg Oden over Kevin Durant.

I’m sure Charlie was just getting warmed up last week and the best was yet to come. I guess file this as another poor decision by Mike Tomlin.

I’m a fan of “it’s not Romo, it’s our offensive line” or “without Romo we’d be a 5-11 team” or “at least he’s not Mark Sanchez”.

What can’t Tony Romo do?

Who the hell grates their own cheese?

I think it’s safe to say that Ryan is not a fan of Marvin Lewis.

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