Ultimate NASCAR Bachelor Party: Driver Awesomeness

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nascar-bachelor-party-driversIn part III of my lead-up to the Ultimate NASCAR Bachelor Party I turn my focus to the drivers. The cars they drive are not the only finely tuned machines as you’re trippin’ if you don’t believe these guys are athletes. For as skilled as they are at going really fast and doing things we can only image in a car, that is only half the story. These drivers are people too so I want to give you a glimpse at some of the things that make them who they are.

Since I live in Chicago and a lot of the bachelor party crew also resides here I would be doing an injustice if I didn’t start things out with one of my favorite videos ever that took place at Wrigley Stadium…err…Wrigley Field. Jeff Gordon singing the 7th inning stretch. Many celebrities and athletes have attempted to sing the 7th inning stretch, with mixed results, but none have done it like Jeff Gordon. “Crash and burn huh Mav?”

Dale Earnhardt Jr is one of the most popular NASCAR drivers and you can imagine yourself throwing back a few cold ones with him. As if Junior isn’t cool enough, he does things like hosting a cardboard rodeo where he and a bunch of friends get ATV’s and drag each other on various things to further enhance his reputation.

I dig Tony Stewart. He’s outspoken, he races hard, and he wins championships. The stereotype of NASCAR fans is they only watch for the crashes. Well Tony Stewart has some thoughts on that.

Brad Keselowski won the Sprint Cup Championship in 2012 so the dude is definitely a baller. He got a chance to show off his basketball skills for charity at a Charlotte Bobcats Hornets game and let’s just say that it’s a good thing that he’s really good at racing.

When it comes to winning the Miami Heat wish they were Jimmie Johnson. He’s a six-time Cup Champion, including the last two, and is the only driver to qualify for the Chase every year since its inception in 2004. Rooting against Jimmie Johnson will cause you pain, just like it did this young Brad Keselowski fan who has more than a few choice words for Jimmie Johnson.

Check out part I where I break down the Day of Thunder rental car scene and part II where Ric Flair and Brad Daugherty have something in common.

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