Ultimate NASCAR Bachelor Party: WOOOOO!

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ultimate-nascar-bachelor-party-charlotteIn part two of our lead-up to the Ultimate NASCAR Bachelor Party I wanted to delve into the some awesomeness from two high profile athletes that are from Charlotte (where the Coca-Cola 600 is taking place). If you missed part one I broke down the rental car scene from Days of Thunder like no one has before.

When I think about Charlotte one name comes to mind right away. The Nature Boy Ric Flair. WOOOOO! Not only is he from Charlotte but his daughter wrestles in the WWE under the name Charlotte. Talk about a love for the city. I fully expect this Ultimate NASCAR Bachelor Party to be crazy and Wooorific, just like Natche’ in this interview with Mean Gene.

But wait, we aren’t done with the stylin, proflin, limousine riding, jet flying, kiss stealing, sun of a gun. The wonderful state of North Carolina thought it would be a great idea to create a lottery game after Ric Flair and I could not agree more. They decided to create WOOOOO University!, which is like regular college except way more strutting, tons of alligator shoes that cost more than your house, and classrooms full of teachers that are 16-time World Champions. WOOOOO!

Why try and reinvent the wheel when an entire commercial can be shot using just one word. WOOOOO! Say hello to WOOOOO tickets, which has to be one of the greatest things to hit Charlotte since the Charlotte Hornets Starter jacket. The only thing that would have made this commercial better is if the Wu-Tang Clan was a part of it. WOOOOO!

Brad Daugherty is a North Carolina legend. He was born there, was one of the greatest ballers to play at North Carolina, and after being the number one overall pick by the Cavs in the 1986 NBA Draft had a stellar career where he averaged 19 ppg over eight season. He rocked jersey #43, which was retired by the Cavs, as a tribute to NASCAR legend Richard Petty. Once his balling career was over he headed up to the booth to be a NASCAR analyst. The best way I could pay tribute to the greatness of Brad Daugherty is by showing him fight Bill Laimbeer.


You can follow our Ultimate NASCAR Bachelor Party and contribute ideas by using #nascarbachelorparty on Twitter. We’ll be creating content all week leading up to the Coca-Cola 600 and documenting the awesomeness that goes down the three days we are there. Hit us up on Twitter @BaconSports if you are going to be down in Charlotte or if you want to help contribute to the awesomeness.

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