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kelsey-markman-girl-who-likes-sports-unicornGirls who are awesome and like sports are Unicorns. It’s a concept that we came up with to celebrate the wonderfulness of female sports fans. You can read more about it here.

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Say hello to Kelsey Markman, a superstitious Seahawks and Lakers 12th fan who had season tickets to the Seahawks, is going to the Super Bowl, and likes Swedish Fish more than Mike Holmgren. She supports PAC-12 sports, had a great encounter with Russell Wilson, and knows how to make a tailgate pretty baller. You can follow her on Twitter @Kelceerae88. With her excitement level at DEFCON levels right now she was beaming with awesomeness when I asked her some questions about her sports fandom. Here’s why this unicorn is so awesome.

Q: On a scale of 1 – 100. How much do you like bacon?
A: 1,000!!! I could eat it every day.

Q: Select a sports video that represents you. We’ll judge you based on what you select. This can be an awesome highlight, something funny, an interview, whatever. You get an opportunity to show you sports creativity. Choose wisely.
A: The Real Rob Report.

This just is a small clip of why I love my Seahawks. You just feel as though you are a part of the team, in the locker room. Not to mention they are hysterical! Can’t wait for the Super Bowl edition.

Q: What is your greatest sports memory?
A: The NFC Championship game, against the Niners on January 19th, 2014. The tip by Richard Sherman and interception with seconds left on the clock to win the game and head to the SUPER BOWL! (I think my answer to this question will change after I attend the Super Bowl on Sunday!)

Q: What is your biggest sports heartbreak?
A: Last year, our Seahawks lost to the Falcons by a field goal with seconds left, halting our Super Bowl dreams. However, we (as the 12th man) knew that we would return triumphant…and so we have!

Q: What is the best game you’ve ever been to live?
A: NFC Championship game- Seahawks vs Niners (again this answer will change after the Super Bowl)


Q: Describe life as a Seahawks fan in 10 words or less.
A: Only 10 words?!?! That’s hard… Ok, here we go: “The craziest, LOUDEST, most loyal fan base in the entire world!”

Q: If Russell Wilson’s career were a movie what would it be?
A: The Patriot- overcoming all odds, being a true leader, and in the face of doubt, rising triumphant.

Q: What memories do you have of Super Bowl XL, which was the last time the Seahawks were in the Super Bowl? Do you think the refs screwed you?
A: YES THEY DID!! My memories are not good ones from this Super Bowl. So many terrible calls. It truly did feel as though we were playing the refs and not the Steelers in this game. It was so disappointing because we were so confident (maybe too confident) and to lose the way we did was heartbreaking.

Q: Richard Sherman’s rant after the NFC Championship game. We loved it and think that people are trippin if they actually have a problem with it. Is this even on your radar as a thing and how are people in Seattle talking about this?
A: Richard Sherman is a man of his word. Sure, he talks, but damn does he back it up! People in Seattle are nothing but supportive of him and every other player on the roster. Sherman is a good man, one who consistently gives back to the community and is purely genuine. I think his rant came from the passion he carries for the game and for our team. More players should play with such passion, it would make the game that much more exhilarating!

Q: I’ve never had season tickets to a team. How many games do you typically go to each year (either team) and how much more enjoyable is the season (from a rooting perspective)?
A: We have had season tickets to the Seahawks for 2 years. The first year we only had 2 seats so I went to 6 games. This year we had 4 seats so I was able to go to EVERY preseason, home game, and playoff game this year…and the SUPER BOWL (sorry I keep rubbing that one in). It makes the season seem so real as a fan, because you are actually there rooting for your team. You feel like you make a difference in the game as a 12th man. I swear sometimes it feels as though you are playing yourself.

Q: Pete Carroll is a loosey goosey coach. Seems like a guy who would buy you a 12 pack of MGD when you are 17. What was the first brand of beer that you ever drank?
A: Loosey Goosey?? Haha, hilarious. First brand of beer…wow gotta go back some years. Honestly, the first thing I ever drank was a Sparks (so gross) on a Tuesday night I believe my sophomore year in high school. So rebellious.

Q: Shaun Alexander was pretty baller back in the day. What you know about that?
A: Shaun was a phenomenal player! That man could run his way through a brick wall. He truly did carry the team on his back. I think he paved the way for our RBs now. Should have never been on the cover of Madden…I believe in that damn curse!

Q: There was some criticism of the Seahawks that they reached for Bruce Irvin in the NFL Draft. Where are those critics at now?
A: Where all our other critics are…watching us on the road to a Super Bowl victory! Honestly, I think by now people should stop questioning our draft picks and the moves we make. I think we’ve proved we know what we are doing. Thank you Pete and John! 

Q: What do people in Washington think about Ryan Leaf?
A: Honestly, I don’t hear much about him… don’t do drugs kids!


Q: What or who is your sports guilty pleasure?
A: I have a mad crush on Erin Andrews! I want her job (and her hair). She just seems like an awesome chick to hang out with, and she is super knowledgeable on sports.

Q: Do you have a story about a guy being super lame and failing some sort of sports conversation or moment?
A: Hahaha too many to name. I think from a college sports standpoint I have stumped a number of individuals of the opposite sex. I would have to say the one that sticks out was fighting with a guy at a local bar about the SEC and BCS rankings- “I’m sorry, but Florida State is not an SEC school, and yes they will beat Auburn.”

Q: Are guys ever intimidated by how much you love sports?
A: Yes, I think initially, but after they see that I actually know what I’m talking about I think it changes into a turn on for them (well the ones who are secure in their masculinity).

Q: Describe the perfect sports loving guy.
A: Hot! (haha kidding, looks aren’t everything). Someone who is knowledgeable and not overly cocky. A person who is not intimidated by my banter, and can take it just as easily as they can dish it out. A person who loves sports as a whole, and of course a lover of the SEAHAWKS!

Q: Do you have a nickname?
A: Kow- and no, not like a fat moo cow- I couldn’t say Kelsey when I was younger, I could only say Kowsey…so Kow stuck.

Q: If you could “make it rain” at the club with one athlete, who would it be?
A: Marshawn Lynch. Love me some Beast Mode!

Q: If you were good enough to be in the Winter Olympics which sport would you choose?
A: Downhill Skiing. It seems like such a rush.


Q: Sell us on the 12th Man concept. We get it, you are loud and are like another player on the field. Is there more to it?
A: We are the LOUDEST! Just had to reiterate that. We are loyal. We are true fans. We are supportive of our team through it all. We always “3elive”. We are relentless. We are “Tapped In”. We love the game. We love our players. We love our city. We “Always Compete”. There is #NoTimeToSleep as a 12thman. Go Hawks!

Q: Did you play fantasy football this year? If so what was your team name and how did you do?
A: I did not. This is the first year that I haven’t played fantasy football in about 5 years. The reason being I wanted to focus all my attention on the Seahawks. I didn’t want distractions from other players and other teams. With fantasy, I always find myself rooting for teams that I actually don’t want to win, but want my players to do well. I knew from the beginning that the Seahawks were going to the Super Bowl, and I wanted to focus solely on them.

Q: What is your go-to #1 Tailgating food?
A: Food? I tend to drink my calories while Tailgating. I will say Seattle has the BEST veggie dogs outside the stadium. You have to do it right with cream cheese, ketchup, mustard, relish, and grilled onions. Yummy!

Q: Your beer of choice is ______________
A: Any IPA

Q: Sir-Mix-A-Lot is from Seattle so I have to imagine you’ve gotten down to Baby Got Back more than once. So?
A: Oh, have I! I’ve also seen him live. He plays at Jazzbones (a local spot in Tacoma, WA) and puts on a pretty good show. I may or may not know all the words to that song.

Q: When Kobe Bryant’s career as a Laker is done what will the story be?
A: My hope is for him to go out with a ring and to retire as a champion. They need to get it together for sure, but I’m a Lakers fan forever and I think they will get it back.

Q: Who was more at fault: Shaq or Kobe?
A: Shaq.

Q: What did you think about the Lakers giving Kobe that big two-year deal?
A: It’s smart. He’s their franchise player. I think he will have an epic comeback after he’s healthy. He has had some bad luck for sure recently, but he’s one of the greats in the game.

Q: Why does everyone hate Pau Gasol so much?
A: Ugh haha just look at him! No, I mean I don’t hate him, but I think his time as a Laker needs to come to an end.

Q: Mike D’Antoni is a _____________
A: No comment…but I don’t think he’s the man for the job.

Q: My favorite Los Angeles Laker ever is _____________
A: Magic. Enough said.

Q: How would you describe Lakers fans?
A: Yikes, I might get in trouble for saying this, but unfortunately they are very fair weather. Not all, but most. I will say, that when the Lakers are doing well, the fans are AWESOME!

Q: Do you think that most celebrities at Lakers games are actually Lakers fans? Like really? Someone who could actually tell you that Smush Parker played on the team.
A: Jack Nicholson, yes. The others…it’s all for show. Like “ohhhh look Justin Beaver is sitting courtside and taking selfies every 10 seconds.” And yes, I said Beaver.

Q: The PAC-12 had a lot of hype this year but both Oregon and Stanford failed to deliver. What’s up with the PAC-12 not being able to get over that hump?
A: So frustrating!! I have no idea. I think they need the Seahawks mentality and use the haters as the motivators. The PAC 12 is always overlooked. It’s all about the SEC. Oregon always gets soooooo close and then somehow manages to screw it up in the end. I still think that they will win a Championship, and I’m hoping with eliminating the BCS rankings and bringing a playoff round that they will be able to do it next year.

Q: What do you think about the SEC?
A: DOWN with the SEC!!! Case in point…Go Seminoles!


Q: What is the hottest tailgate product on the market right now?
A: Hmmm…the car accessories category is very hot. Car flags, decals, hood and tailgate skins, seat covers, anything that makes a statement on your vehicle. “Homegating” is also a hot category right now. The ultimate tailgate at home. Check out Team Pro Mark  for all your homegating and tailgating needs (shameless plug).

Q: What is a tailgate product that we might not know about but is awesome?
A: The branded toasters are pretty rad. I mean who doesn’t want to eat a PB&J with the Seahawks logo on it???

Q: Do you have any tailgating stories you can share? The juicier/funnier/awesomer the better.
A: Haha my parents are going to read this!! Let’s just say Seahawks tailgates are unlike any other. Full of green Don Julio jello shots and perhaps some other green substance. Always a good time, never disappoints!

Q: Have you ever caught a foul ball or home run?
A: No, I have not, but I have personally hit both.

Q: Do you have a sports bucket list? If so what on it? Have you accomplished any of it?
A: SUPER BOWL!!! And thank you Dad… I get to check that off this Sunday.

Q: What do you put on a hot dog?
A: The works! Cream cheese, onions, ketchup, mustard, relish, diced tomatoes.

Q: I think the most obnoxious fan base is __________
A: The 40Whiners!

Q: Where was your favorite place that you went on Spring Break in college?
A: Vegas. Always a good time.

Q: Do you own any jerseys? If so who?
A: I have 2 Beast Mode jerseys (#24) and my lucky Russell Wilson jersey (#3).

Q: What is your favorite sports movie and how many times do you think you’ve seen it?
A: Remember the Titans for sure. I cry every time and I’ve probably seen it over 50 times.

Q: Have you ever ridden a mechanical bull?
A: Hahaha funny you mention that. Was just on one this weekend! I found myself in a country bar (SteelCreek in Tacoma, WA) which is a rarity for me. We had a blast though!

Q: Tell us about an encounter you’ve had with an athlete.
A: I’ve met quite a few. I don’t typically get star struck, but when I saw Russell Wilson at a restaurant I won’t lie, got a little giddy! He was just eating with his wife and everyone was so cool and let them be. When they were done he came around shaking hands and talking with people at the bar and when he left he of course said “Go Hawks!”. Love that guy.

Q: Who is your favorite athlete (past or present)? Why?
A: Gotta go with my guy Russell Wilson. That’s an easy one. He is such a phenomenal player, but an even better man. He is so well spoken and truly passionate about his team and our city. He is constantly giving back, spending every Tuesday at Seattle Children’s Hospital. He is a leader and a genuine person, and I am so happy he is leading our team to the SUPER BOWL!

Q: Who is your least favorite athlete (past or present)? Why?
A: Kaeperdick…and no, I did not misspell his last name. I just think he is a pompous asshole (pardon my language) who is nothing but hype. I will say he did get some brownie points telling Wilson to “Go and get a ring”, but if that man kisses his bicep one more time I might freak out!

Q: Mustaches are ________________
A: Creepy.

Q: Give us three random athletes. The more random the better.
A: Pat Day, Dominique Dawes, John Moffit.

Q: Do you have a favorite female sports anchor or sideline reporter?
A: Erin Andrews

Q: One thing in sports that makes/made me laugh is _________________
A: Have you seen the NFL Bad Lip Reading?? Watch it. Hilarious!

Q: You are a baseball player. What song are you walking to the plate to?
A: Started From The Bottom by Drake

Q: Can you list all of the stadiums you’ve been to?
A: Candlestick (yucky), Centurylink (formerly known as Qwest), Key Arena, Staples Center, Rose Garden, Husky Stadium (UW), Autzen Stadium (Oregon), Bronco Stadium (Boise State), Martin Stadium (WSU), Bobcat Stadium (MSU), Grizzly Stadium (UM), Reser Stadium (OSU), and soon to be MetLife Stadium…SUPER BOWL!!

Q: Do you have any sports superstitions?
A: Yes. We have a “I’m In” Seahawks sign that we put above our door with the 2-2-14 date that we started right after Christmas. Have to touch it every time you leave the house and every time you come into the house (it’s worked so far). I watch the previous Hawks game the night before every game. I wear Seahawks fleece PJs to bed every night leading up to the Super Bowl. I have a lucky stuffed walrus (Wally) that I dress up in a Seahawks jersey before every game. I have lucky beads I wear for every Hawks game. Yes…you could say I’m a bit superstitious.

Q: Your ringtone is ________________
A: The generic iPhone ring that every single person has! I should change it.

Q: Rank these things:
A: Starbucks coffee, Shawn Kemp, Nirvana, Mike Holmgren, Chip Kelly, Wu Tang, Swedish Fish (the gummy candy), koozies

  1. Starbucks
  2. Nirvana
  3. Shawn Kemp
  4. Swedish Fish
  5. Mike Holmgren
  6. Chip Kelly
  7. Koozies
  8. Wu Tang

Q: Anything you’d like to plug?
A: Haha I’ve kind of been doing that all along. Shop local at your on campus bookstores and fan shops. Definitely check out the AWESOME vendors that I represent in the collegiate market: League, Legacy, Jarden Sports Licensing, LillyBee U, Team Pro Mark, Mascot Factory, CDI, Scutt Sports, Charles River, Boxercraft 

Q: Give us some last words (as many as you’d like on whatever you’d like).
A: What have I not said already? I think Bacon Sports is awesome. I think being a unicorn is awesome. Being a female sports fan is even more awesome. I’m so excited for the city of Seattle and every 12th man out there. Truly, there are only 2 words I want to say… GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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