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stephanie-fraser-unicorn-soxGirls who are awesome and like sports are Unicorns. It’s a concept that we came up with to celebrate the wonderfulness of female sports fans. You can read more about it here.

There are unicorns among us and we want you to help us find them. If you know a girl who likes sports, plays fantasy football, and/or exhibits qualities that we are looking for in a unicorn then tweet us @BaconSports (make sure to use hashtag #imaunicorn) or shoot us an email to Each week the girl who sends us something that we deem the most worthy will be our Unicorn of the Week and we will profile them.

Say hello to Stephanie Fraser, a Syracuse born and raised sports fanatic who considers herself a professional tailgator. She has a license plate that says TAILG8, is a former soccer player and fantasy football champion, and lists the Bruins, Celtics, Red Sox, Eagles and Syracuse as her rooting interests. And that’s just the start.

She usually rolls 50 deep for Syracuse football games (let that sink in, on all levels) and even keeps a binder of scouting reports for key NFL players including the obvious picks, sleepers, rookies, and total flops. She follows and subscribes to every college football recruiting site you can think of and actually uttered this sentence, “Some people like to make crafts, some guys like video games…well me, my nerd obsession is football recruiting”.

Sports guys in America please pick your jaws up off the floor. This unicorn most certainly is magical, amazing, and knows her stuff. With plenty to work with I had tons of questions for Stephanie, who you can follow on Twitter @CUSEblonde24.

Q: On a scale of 1 – 100. How much do you like bacon? 
A: 100!!! Bacon should be it’s own major food group. Bacon flavored vodka for Bloody Mary’s?! Yes, please!!

Q: Select a sports video that represents you. We’ll judge you based on what you select. Choose wisely.
A: I’m always coming in like a wrecking ball!!! Don’t mess with my teams and don’t mess with Syracuse!! No, you won’t catching me drive bombing other fans, but you get the point.

Q: What is your greatest sports memory?
A: Eagles vs the Giants in 2010 at the Meadowlands! It was 31-10 Giants with 8 minutes left in the 4th quarter, Mike Vick was our quarterback. With 8 minutes left he threw a long touchdown pass to Celek. Then there was a surprise onside kick. Eagles recovered it. Mike Vick then ran it in for a touchdown. Next, Vick threw to Maclin to tie the game. Giants then ran the clock down. Eagles, with no timeouts left mind you. Their punter then kicked it to Jackson who dropped the ball when receiving it. He picked it up, took a step back and ran it 70 something yards…BOOM! EAGLES WIN!! GREATEST EAGLES FOOTBALL GAME OF MY LIFETIME!! You could hear the Giants hearts’ shattering everywhere!!

Q: What is your biggest sports heartbreak?
A: 2000 NFC Divisional Playoffs vs the Giants. Jason Sehorn returned a Donovan McNabb interception 32 yards for a touchdown. I really thought McNabb was going to get a ring that year.

Q: What is the best game you’ve ever been to live?
A: Wells Fargo Center! Syracuse vs Villanova in January this past year. Our group of 300 Syracuse fans traveled down and rented out an entire hotel next to the stadium. We put on the biggest tailgate you can imagine complete with 8 kegs. Syracuse fans over took that place with their chants. Villanova fans couldn’t get a word in. Syracuse lost but we still took over their stadium, their parking lots and their bars.

Q: What or who is your sports guilty pleasure?
A: Ray Lewis. Yeah, yeah, so he apparently did some things that may be frowned upon such as some sort of involvement/in the area at the time/no one really knows what happened, murder or aggravated assault thingy but really, he was the most entertaining hard hitting linebacker in the NFL that I’ve ever watched.

Q: Which team(s) do you dislike the most?
A: Dallas Cowboys, New York Yankees. Both have the same argument, “How many rings do you have? I know how many we got!” It’s circular conversations. And honestly, when has “America’s Team” done anything remotely relevant? Child please.

Q: Chip Kelly vs Andy Reid. Who will have the better career as Eagles coach?
A: The AFC Divisional playoff game (01/04/2014) Chiefs vs Colts sums up 14 years in a nut shell. Chiefs started out the game with 38-10 lead and started to lose it in the middle of the 3rd quarter to Colts only to have Colts advance in the playoffs. The Eagles have always been listed (exception of last season) as a contender, yet we just can’t seem to get that Super Bowl ring. I’m beyond excited for this offense! Chip Kelly ran a very fast offense when he was at Oregon. I’m hoping in the next couple years that translates to some NFC/Super Bowl titles.

Q: True or False: Shady McCoy is a better RB than Jamaal Charles.
A: Fantasy points wise, Yes!! One time Charles gave me 70 points. But there isn’t anyone better than Shady in my book.

Q: When the story of Nick Foles career as an Eagle is done what will it say?
A: He looked an awful lot like Napoleon Dynamite. Kidding! We’ve seen him play before and he wasn’t as good as he is now. I think the difference is the offense that Kelly is running is better suited for Foles show casing his strengths more. He knows he can’t run the ball the way Vick would (which led to his many injuries. Dude needs to learn to slide) so he doesn’t really try. I have full confidence in him going forward. I think they’ll say he led the Eagles to their first Super Bowl victory!

Q: Please tell me you didn’t like Fred Ex (Freddie Mitchell) when he was on the Eagles.
A: Isn’t he in jail now?! No. He never really did much for me.

Q: If Fab Melo’s NBA career was a movie what would it be? 
A: Gone in 60 seconds. Need I say more? Homeboy got a concussion from walking into a door. He is what we like to call a tongue-chewer.

Q: Share a funny tailgating story with us (pictures would be an added bonus). 
A: My best friend and I have this thing we do at tailgates. We take name tags and name tag everyone in the area. Not with their names but with crazy names. This Grandpa next to him, we  called him “Grandpa Long Balls”. This young chick with her MUCH older boyfriend, “Gold-digging B*tch”. This pregnant chick, “She puts out”. Most would find these offensive but people LOVE them and ask for them when they see us!!

Q: What do you think about men who wear Ugg’s?
A: I once tweeted something like “Men and Uggs make me question a man’s masculinity.” I had both a member of the Syracuse football team and Syracuse basketball team respond to me that they were currently wearing them. THEY’RE HORRIBLE AND SHOULDNT BE ALLOWED! But for the record, I stand by my tweet.

Q: Is your custom license plate (TAILG8) always on your car or is it a novelty item (send a pic if you’ve got one)?
A: Oh no, it’s the actual license plate. I mean, it does scream, “PULL ME OVER” but that Jeep is usually parked for a while after any tailgate 😉

Q: Thoughts on Sidney Crosby?
A: I’d have his babies. No, seriously. All the women want him and all the men want to be him. Even if he is the biggest crybaby.

Q: Are guys ever intimidated by how much you love sports?
A: I once had a guy make fun of me calling me CUSENATION and told me I was a bit ridiculous for how much I followed sports. But other than him, no. I think guys love it. They love the banter and I learn just as much from them.

Q: Do you have a nickname?
A: SCOOOPS!! A bar called Mullys here in Syracuse employs a good amount of guys who are also Syracuse diehards. They always laughed when I would just randomly spit out Syracuse recruiting facts or stats from the Ernie Davis era. It’s since has caught on and I usually walk in now and someone yells”SCOOOOPS!!”.

Q: If you were good enough to be in the Winter Olympics which sport would you choose?
A: BOBSLEDDING!! All I think of when I see bobsledding is Cool Runnings.  “Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Get on up, its bobsled time! COOL RUNNINGS!”

Q: Syracuse football seems like a hard team to be die hard for. What keeps you coming back every year and what are your expectations usually (since they aren’t going to be winning the National Title)?
A: Last year our former HC Doug Marrone left to coach the Buffalo Bills. Before Marrone, our previous coach Greg Robinson tanked our program. Syracuse went 10-37 in 4 years. We’ve come to know this as the GROB Era. Marrone built a foundation that the players, fans and the community could be proud of and respected for again. We won two Pinstripe Bowls in 3 years. So in enters Scott Shafer this past season. I finally figured out after the first few games what Marrone was missing. Scott Shafer is exciting and gets you excited! Shafer makes me want to throw on football pads and go tackle Taji Boyd. Finally, we are back to recruiting better recruits. Kids who want to be here. Rome wasn’t bulid over night but what keeps me coming back is this my town! 3 bowl games in 4 years from a 10-37 heartbreaking 4 years. I’m excited to see where we’ll be in 5 years from now! And really, I have the best Twitter followers who love this school just as much I do. I’ve met some really great people!

Q: Jim Boeheim is ______________
A: The Mecca of Syracuse Basketball.

Q: What is your go-to #1 tailgating food?
A: Aside from the normal hot dog, hamburgers, I usually make Chicken Riggies (Upstate NY thing. Google it) and chicken roll ups!!

Q: Your beer of choice is ______________
A: Screw beer, give me TEQUILA!! But I’d settle for an IPA.

Q: Are you a Todd McShay or Mel Kiper kinda gal?
A: Mel Kiper has the worst hair known to man. I’d like to know how long it takes him to do that in the morning. So we’ll say I’m a Todd McShay girl.

Q: When you think of Lawrence Moton the first thing that comes to mind is __________
A: We’re friends on Facebook!! Whoop, whoop!! He knows I’m crazy about Syracuse too!

Q: Based on his current track record Carmelo Anthony will never win an NBA title. What’s he gotta do to change that?
A: Get on a better team and not get traded to the Clippers for Blake Griffin? If he wants that title, he isn’t going to get it on the Clippers. Secretly, I’d love to see him get with LeBron somewhere. And I don’t like LeBron but I do know, he’s one of the greatest players ever.

Q: What do you put on a hot dog? 
A: Dill Pickle Relish and Ketchup. GTFOH with that nasty butter chip relish.

Q: Is Rony Seikaly the coolest guy on the planet?
A: The guy was averaging 22 points a game during Syracuse basketball tournaments and led Syracuse to the National title against Indiana. Of course!  But his accent alone, made him the coolest guy on the planet. He’s now a pretty solid house DJ too!

Q: I think the most obnoxious fan base is __________

Q: Marvin Harrison didn’t look like the type of guy that would “allegedly” shoot someone. You still cool with him?
A: There’s a lot of “allegedly” in the NFL. And if I wasn’t cool with all the alleges, there’d be no one left. So yeah… we good.

Q: Which NFL pre-game channel/show do you favor/watch?
A: I’ll turn on FOX NFL Sunday. I’m a huge Michael Strahan fan. Is he single?

Q: What is your favorite sports movie and how many times do you think you’ve seen it?
A: Any Given Sunday and probably 100x’s! I love Cameron Diaz’s role in it! Al Pacino’s speech is probably the best speech of all time aside from Jimmy V’s.

Q: What were you for Halloween?
A: A contestant on ‘ Double Dare’!! “Mark, I’d like the physical challenge…”

Q: Have you ever ridden a mechanical bull?
A: In a dress, out of dress, shorts, pants… you name it!! #StayClassy #YesImThatGirl

Q: Tell us about an encounter you’ve had with an athlete. 
A: A couple months ago, I was having drinks with a few girlfriends of mine here in Syracuse when McNabb came walking in and sat down next to us with his friends. He was in town retiring his jersey. He spoke with me for about 15 minutes. I kindly asked him to go back to the Eagles until Vick got better. He laughed… This was pre- Foles of course…

Q: Who is your favorite athlete (past or present)? Why?
A: Ernie Davis. If you haven’t seen the movie “The Express” you need to. Highlights one of the greatest players of all time. He was a great player but with his story and what he endured, paved the way for college football.

Q: Who is your least favorite athlete (past or present)? Why? 
A: Ndamukong Suh from the Detroit Lions. That rude bastard is going to kill someone if he doesn’t stop with the late hits and helmet to helmet contact. He needs to go.

Q: Mustaches are ________________
A: an additional upper lip? I never understood the craze with that. Now go shave it.

Q: Give us three random athletes. The more random the better. 
A: Metta World Peace, Todd Pinkston, Scotty Pippen

Q: Do you have a favorite female sports anchor or sideline reporter? 
A: Erin Andrews. She’s beautiful and has the best job in the world.

Q: One thing in sports that makes/made me laugh is _________________
A: flopping!!! And boy does the NBA have some floppers. LeBron James! Worst flopper of all time!!!

Q: You are a baseball player. What song are you walking to the plate to?
A: Jay-Z’s “Already Home” featuring Kid Cudi

Q: Can you list all of the stadiums you’ve been to? 
A: I’ll try. Football: Carrier Dome, Bank of America Stadium, Ralph Wilson, Veterans Stadium, Lincoln Financial Field, MetLife Stadium, QUALCOMM Stadium. Basketball and baseball: Staples Center, Wells Fargo, Madison Square Garden, Yankees Stadium and Fenway Park.

Q: Your ringtone is ________________ 
A: It’s always on vibrate!! I like to like dangerously.

Q: Rank these things: Donovan McNabb, Philly Cheese Steaks, Buffalo Wings, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Larry Bird, Winning a Stanley Cup, Winning a World Series, Syracuse Football
A:  Why would you make me rank all my favorite things!!

  1. Syracuse Football
  2. Winning World Series
  3. Donovan McNabb
  4. Winning Stanley Cup
  5. Larry Bird
  6. Buffalo Wings
  7. Philly Cheese Steaks
  8. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Q: Give us some last words. 
A: It doesn’t matter how poorly your team performs or if they win every single title year after year!! I think passionate, obsessive, crazy about their team fans are the best kind of people. And women, don’t be afraid to get involved! Scream, yell, shout, wear pink jerseys or don’t! Support your team and get involved!!! I love seeing people acting nuts and throwing parties for their city!! It’s what brings everyone together. Go ‘Cuse!!!

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