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Unique sports t-shirts that you need to add to your collection

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At Bacon Sports we are hoopsters that love random and bad jerseys, sports nostalgia, and flexing our endless sports knowledge. This is evident not only in our content but also in the jerseys and clothes that we wear. I’m a connoisseur of high quality, unique sports t-shirts and wanted to give you a glimpse into my t-shirt collection to show you what I’m rolling with. As the Nature Boy Ric Flair taught us, my alligator shoes cost more than your house you best be stylin’ and profilin’.


As a Pitt Panthers fan there is nothing better than Jerome Lane’s backboard shattering dunk and Bill Raftery’s “Send it in Jerome” call. There are few moments in sports that I can think of that deserve to be on a t- shirt as much as this one.

I found this gem over at Homage, who will make three appearances on this list and for my money is the #1 sports nostalgia t-shirt shop out there. According to their site, “our tees tell stories of triumph, individualism and hustle, preserving the old school and creating new legacies.” That’s speaking my language.

hello friends tshirt

Consider me the Matt Kemp of sports junkies as I’m very well rounded. I don’t just watch college basketball in March, I actually play fantasy baseball and have three teams, and when football ends my life is not over. I just move on to the next sport and keep my fandom going. During March Madness CBS teases us with Masters highlights and Jim Nantz smooth voice from Butler cabin. “A tradition like no other…”

There has always been a void in my life for a cool Masters t-shirt but it didn’t exist. Golf is a niche sport and because of this the apparel options are as good as the market is for picking up Rick DiPietro’s contract. That’s why I took it upon myself to create the dopest Masters and Jim Nantz inspired t-shirt out there. I took Jim Nantz famous “Hello Friends” tag line and fused it together with a chopped up Masters logo (if you look closely I did change things up from their logo) and thus the Hello Friends t-shirt was born.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these t-shirts you can go here.


The movie Fletch is awesome and for those who dig it seeing a Fletch t-shirt is like seeing someone come into the bar on a Back to the Future II hoverboard. It’s completely unexpected yet totally badass. It’s like a fantastic inside joke that only a handful of people get.

Fletch has a dream (see below) that he is playing for the Los Angeles Lakers, which is the inspiration for the Lakers part of this. As for the Underhill part of the shirt, just charge it to the Underhill’s.

The is probably my favorite t-shirt to rock as it is the perfect combination of random and fantastic.

I bought this t-shirt from Irish Laundry and you can do so here.


Homage makes a second appearance with this Myron Cope Yoi Double Yoi t-shirt. This shirt brings out the yinzer in me as Myron Cope was the longtime radio voice of the Pittsburgh Steelers and the creator of the Terrible Towel. He’s like the Steelers version of Harry Carry. You could only understand about 25% of what he was saying and his Pittsburghese was so heavy that he was making up words that even the most yinzer of Pittsburghers had no clue what he was saying. I give this t-shirt a Double Yoi!

If you want to get your hands on one of these you can head over to Homage and get it here.


With our Twitter account (@BaconSports) we love playing the #randomathlete game. The rules are simple. Just start listing off any random athlete that you can think of. The more random the better. We have very high standards, so God Shammgod is now the bare minimum pieces of flare that you can wear for this game. To help put some context into this, last week someone dropped a Carlos Huerta reference. That’s how hard we are going.

I’ve always thought that former Detroit Tiger Chet Lemon had the best name ever (for obvious reasons). This t-shirt from DownWithDetroit is the only Chet Lemon t-shirt I’ve ever seen and I love the simplicity of it. What better way to flex my #randomathlete muscles than by rocking this bad boy.

If you dig this you can head over to DownWithDetroit and get it here.


The third shirt from Homage on the list is literally on fire. NBA Jams is without a doubt the greatest sports video game ever. This t-shirt gives dap to the two best sayings from the game. Nail three shots in a row and you are on fire. Throw down a monster backboard shattering dunk with Grandmama and the announcer yells “Boom Shakalaka”. Few shirts embody the theme, style, and feel of Bacon Sports as much this one. If you dig this t-shirt then chances are you’ll dig us.

Get your hands on this gem from Homage here.


Say hello to the second custom made t-shirt in my collection. As a lover of all things sports nostalgia it doesn’t get much better than Bo Kimble shooting a left handed free throw in the NCAA tournament to commemorate his fallen teammate Hank Gathers. You might not know this but Bo shot his first free throw of each game in the tournament left handed and he ended up going 3-for-3 (he didn’t shoot a free throw in their Elite 8 game). The “For You, Hank” is from the cover of Sports Illustrated featuring Bo Kimble. This shirt isn’t currently for sale but if there’s enough demand then I may put it into production.

I want to hear from you. Do you know of an awesome sports t-shirt shop out there that I haven’t discovered? Do you have a sports t-shirt collection that could rival this? Do you run a sports t-shirt shop and want to partner with Bacon Sports? I want to help make the sports world look cooler and to also help out other small businesses get more exposure. Holla at me in the comments, on Facebook, or email (rob@baconsports.com) about any of the questions I posed. I’d love to be able to put together a list of the Bacon Sports approved t-shirt shops so that we can all benefit from it.


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