US Soccer Jersey for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Leaked

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2014-fifa-world-cup-breaking-newsUS Soccer is not supposed to have their home jersey released to the public for at least another week. Well, we’re going to show it to you before anyone else can. I received this jersey from a contact who sold it to me early. I am not going to reveal whom he is or what store he works for because I’m sure Nike could get him in trouble. Behold, the new 2014 US Soccer jersey!



You’ll notice that navy blue has been changed to royal blue, and this jersey has somewhat of a similar look to the 2009 World Cup Qualifying kits the United States wore. They added a collar, which hasn’t been seen since the 2006 one-time-use “Don’t Tread On Me” red jerseys. Along with the stars on the inside of the collar, the trace of blue on the inside of the sleeve, and the buttons under the collar, this jersey is classy despite looking somewhat like a golf shirt. The irony is that England also has a mostly-white top for the big tourney. The United States spent much of its early history trying to distance itself from England, only to try to look like them years later. Hmm…


I know some people have made comments to the effect of, “That’s impossible because a real soccer jersey would never have buttons. It would make it difficult to play the ball off of your chest.” While, in theory, that sounds good, be aware that Nike has a template with buttons that Arsenal uses with its third jersey, France is wearing buttons in this year’s World Cup, and English powerhouse Manchester United has buttons on their jersey as well. Clearly this is part of one of the templates for Nike this year.


No word yet on what the road jersey looks like, but if we hear of anything we’ll let you know. Time to hit the stores and grab one of these “kits” so you can cheer for Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey, and Jozy Altidore with the rest of Uncle Sam’s Army. These are Jersey Czar approved!

If you’ve got any jersey related questions, thoughts or ideas holla at me @RMackman or @BaconSports.

Ryan Mackman

Ryan Mackman

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