Wang ZhiZhi Mavericks Jersey

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Last week I said that the most worthless jersey that you could buy would be a Rashad McCants Minnesota Timberwolves jersey but I believe that I’ve found something worse. I present to you a Wang ZhiZhi Dallas Mavericks jersey.

Wang ZhiZhi Dallas Mavericks jersey

Wang ZhiZhi back of jersey

If you are type of person that still laughs at “…he said 69!” jokes then this is a jersey for you. What Hoopster wouldn’t want to walk around with “Wang” on his back. I do believe that this eBay seller is overestimating the market for Wang ZhiZhi jerseys because $155 for this bad boy is uber steep. The number of people that would appreciate this jersey are very few and even then it’s just not that cool of a jersey. The only real reason you’d rock it is because the odds of seeing someone else with the same jersey is about 0%. With $155 I’d much rather buy a Mookie Blaylock, Stromile Swift, and Adonal Foyle jersey. Rocking those gems would definitely get you some dap.

So what is notable about our boy Wang? Hmmm…considering that he only averaged 4 ppg and less than 2 boards over his four year career doesn’t give us a lot to work with. says that Wang is similar but better than Hasheem Thabeet. Considering Thabeet is one of the biggest first round busts in recent memory that has to count for something.

Wang’s wife is named Song Yang and they have one son. His name is Jerry. That makes perfect sense. Wang is the first Chinese player to play in the NBA (not Yao Ming) but he certainly was no Linsanity.

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