Dope Warren Moon throwback Houston Oilers jersey

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Warren Moon Jersey

A lot of the jerseys that I post are of random and obscure players that either were draft busts, on a team for only a season or two, or otherwise didn’t warrant having their jersey purchased. This Warren Moon Houston Oilers jersey is not in that category. We all know that Warren Moon threw for about 10 million yards (actually 49,325 but who’s counting) and had the best mustache in football. What makes this jersey so fly is that you see a Houston Oilers none the less Warren Moon Oilers jersey as often as you see Russell Westbrook pass the ball. Because the Oilers aren’t a team any longer there fan base is non-existant and therefore there is no real reason to rock one of their jerseys. The exception is when you want to get some major throwback points or you are a disgruntled Texans/Titans fan who longs for the days of Ernest Givins, Drew Hill, and Haywood Jeffires. To commemorate those Oilers teams of the late 80’s/early 90’s here’s a montage of Warren Moon throwing some of the prettiest balls to the awesome trio of receivers that he had.


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