5 Hobbies to Take Up Now that Football is Over

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5-hobbies-to-do-when-football-is-overSo, are we gonna talk about how anticlimactic that Super Bowl was? I mean, the Seahawks could have at least let the Broncos think they had a chance, right? Jerks.

Anyway, if you’re like me, you love all sports, but nothing quite does it like football. It’s the James Bond of sports – nobody does it better. Unfortunately, the NFL season is over, leaving many of us feeling slightly empty inside. Here are 5 ideas for new hobbies we can take up during the long, cold off-season.

1. Pretend to get super into figure skating during the Olympics
For two weeks every four years, the world gets super into obscure winter sports. I mean, do you know anyone who watches curling recreationally outside of the Winter Olympics? Oh, you do? Weirdo.

America, in particular, has had a long-standing love affair with figure skating. We can’t get enough chicks in nude, glitter explosion leotards or men in flowy blouses and spandex. It’s what we live for. Well, every four years, that is. So sit down on your Crate and Barrel couch and pop on NBC, guys! You may be slightly disappointed in Team America’s skaters this year, though. I wonder what Michelle Kwan and Tara Lipinski are up to these days? We could use some ringers. ‘Murica!

2. Re-discover your collection of awesome CDs from the 90s and host a nostalgic dance party
You know you miss your 90s CDs. Can you imagine the dope dance party playlist you create by digging into your musical archives? Start it off with a little Boyz II Men “Motownphilly” to set the mood. Then, shift to Mighty Mighty Bosstones, because no 90s party is complete without a lil’ ska. If you’re feeling really bold, slow it down with my favorite slow jam of all time, “Return of the Mack.” Your party will be legendary. Bonus points if you work in some Color Me Badd. That would be frickin’ off the heasy, homeslice! Sorry, got carried away with the 90s references there, didn’t I?

3. Get super into Instagram and document your life
Oh, snap! That already happens. I guess we’ll just have to find another way to show the internet how cool and interesting our lives are. OMG!

4. Men only: start experimenting with different facial hair designs
Dudes always use the age-old “my face gets cold!” excuse for why their facial hair gets out of control during the winter, but I think we all know dudes just get lazy. Let’s find a happy medium between Justin Bieber baby face and Chewbacca levels of facial hair. Can we do that, bros? Here are some options for you: dirty ol’ chin strap, soul patch, Joe Mauer-level side burns or my personal favorite, the Fu Manchu. Because who doesn’t love facial hair modeled after racist book characters? Ready, set, grow!

5. Get really good at Jiu Jitsu or something awesome like that
There’s no better way to beat boredom than by getting awesome at something. Whether it’s Jiu Jitsu (the preferred option) or something more basic, like baking, acquiring new talents takes time and effort. When you spend time and effort on things, you forget you miss football. When you forget you miss football, you forget to join your fantasy draft for next season. When you forget to join your fantasy draft for next season, you draft Trent Richardson. Don’t draft Trent Richardson. Avoid falling into the DirectTV trap as I just did. Get awesome at something this off-season.

Those are just some ideas of ways we can avoid the off-season slump we oft fall into when football seasons ends. Boredom is a very real thing, and no one deserves to be bored. Finding hobbies is a great way fill the void that football ending creates, especially on Sundays. Hit us up on Twitter @BaconSports or in the comments with your ideas of off-season hobbies!

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