Where’s the love for the LaSalle Explorers?

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lasalle-basketballYes, Florida Gulf Coast University is the team we all consider as Cinderella for this NCAA Tournament, and rightly so. You would think that the LaSalle Explorers may feel like Jan Brady, constantly wondering why everyone is talking about Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. If they where to cry about all the attention that FGCU is getting, it would be rightfully so, I mean c’mon, this is their first trip into the tournament in 21 years.

That’s not the case here at all. Head coach John Giannini treats his team being called Cinderella like a plus size model does being called fat. We all know they are, but they’re not having it. You may not want to listen to Coach Giannini and how confident he is in his team, but you probably should. Does he not look like that guy you went to high school with that wore sweat pants everyday and knew how to make pipe bombs? I was always friends with those guys, you know, just in case…

Seriously though, LaSalle has had to work harder at getting to the Sweet 16 than a small town pharmacy technician does during the first of the month. Remember, they did have to play in a first round game to even get into the field of 64. Just like FGCU, no one in their right mind had LaSalle where they are now on their bracket BECAUSE MOST PEOPLE FILL OUT THEIR BRACKETS WITHOUT PAYING ATTENTION TO THE FIRST ROUND GAMES. Up to this point, every tournament game LaSalle has played in has been close, and in each game they have refused to lose and found a way to win. I don’t want to say NC State 1983, but this is the 30 year anniversary of their historic title run. Let’s just stew on that for a minute.

And while this article is being written, the LaSalle Explorers are not thinking Cinderella and are not feeling slighted. They’re preparing for Witchita St. FGCU is exciting to watch, and are the greatest story of this tournament, but there’s just something about the Explorers that should have you rooting for them.


John Upton

John Upton

John Upton is a stand up comic from Tazewell, TN. He has performed with Harland Williams, Brian Posehn, Guy Torry, Tammy Pescatelli, and many more. You can catch him on stage or at the bar watching sports at Side Splitters Comedy Club in Knoxville, TN.