White Guys in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest

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White guys in the NBA Slam Dunk contest are about as rare as seeing a Black punter in the NFL (go ahead and try and name someone other than Reggie Roby). Instead of power, amazing leaping ability, and absolutely sick dunks¬†they go the route of Spud Webb and dazzle everyone with an average at best dunk that looks more impressive because they are a white guy (or in Spud’s case really short). There have been three white guys that have done the dunk contest that we are going to feature: Rex Chapman, Bobby Sura, and Brent Barry. I’m pretty sure that these three guys set the dunk contest back about 5 or 10 years.

Rex Chapman used to Wow the crowd by his fancy passing before the dunk. How very white guy of him. Look at how much more powerful and better Kenny Battle’s dunk (the first participant) was than Chapman’s.

What do these names all have in common: Darvin Ham, Michael Finley, Ray Allen, Chris Carr, Kobe Bryant, Bob Sura? They were all participants in the 1997 NBA Slam Dunk contest. Yes, Bobby freaking Sura. Fast forward to the 8:50 mark to see Bob Sura throw it down.

Brent Barry is by far the worst slam dunk champion of all time. His dunk from the free throw line was mildly impressive the first time he did it. The second time he did it? I’d rather watch a WNBA power layup competition. Awful.

Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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