Who’s Got The Runs Second Half Baseball Challenge

By July 15, 2013June 18th, 2018No Comments

whos-got-the-runs-challenge-newAlright sports fans, time for another challenge to help get us to NFL training camp. We are looking for 30 of you to take part in this. First come, first serve so whoever responds to us first gets a spot. Here’s how it works.

Each of the 30 participants will randomly be assigned one of the 30 MLB teams. The goal is for your team to score exactly every number between and including 0 and 12 in runs before any other team does. What that means is that if you have the Blue Jays you want them to score, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 runs in a game. The sooner they do it the better. Once the Blue Jays score 2 runs, for example, you no longer need them to score that amount and every other time they score 2 runs is irrelevant. If your team wins or loses is also irrelevant (great thing for Astros and Cubs fans). The only thing that matters is the number of runs that they score each game. First team to successfully score 0 to 12 runs in the least amount of games wins.

We are going to be running this off of a Google Doc (which we’ll share with all of the participants) and it’ll be up to you to check off when your team scores (we aren’t ESPN, we don’t have a tech department, servers, and a gaming staff). All you’ve gotta do is go into the doc, put an “X” next to “Blue Jays – 2” and that’s it. This challenge is as easy as it gets and gives us just enough skin in the game to give two craps about a random team.

To enter hit us up on Twitter @BaconSports, on Facebook, or email us at Remember, this is only limited to 30 so if you want in hit us up right away. If after all of this you still don’t understand the rules and you’ve got questions then just hit me up on Twitter @matthewglam.

Oh ya, what do you win? The winner of this challenge will receive an awesome Bacon Sports Tecmo Bowl T-Shirt. The shirt is top notch American Apparel material and will attract the attention you need to prove to everyone you indeed had the runs in the second half on the MLB season.

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