Yeti Is A Steelers Fan

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yeti-steelers-fanYeti was spotted at the Steelers game and it’s good to know that he supports the black and gold. Had Mike Tomlin and Todd Haley known their spineless play calling on 3rd down in the last minute of the game vs the Buccaneers might have angered a beast capable of eating small children or coordinators, they might have passed the ball with their two time Super Bowl winning quarterback who had already thrown for 300 yards in the game and actually tried to win the game.

Seeing Yeti also reminds me of when WCW thought that Yeti would be a good idea for a wrestler. Take a look at this video, which is commentated by the Road Dog Jesse James, that breaks down Yeti’s gimmick. It was terribly awesome.


H/T: Bacon Sports contributor Jim Gruseck

Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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