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Yinzers are always gonna yinz. That is never more evident than at Steelers games where between the empty bottles of IC Light (aka River Water), Primanti Bros sandwiches, and Terrible Towels there is a never ending stream of Steelers jerseys that are just as yinzerific as the Trans Am’s their owners drive in on.

Over the past month on social media yinz have sent in a stellar crop of yinzer Steelers jerseys. Big shout out to all of you who send in jerseys every week, it’s much appreciated and helps me feel a little closer to home. Here’s the best of the best. (Note: this article is best experienced while listened to The Clarks.)


Started from the bottom now we’re here. It doesn’t get more rock bottom than a Limas Sweed Steelers jersey. He is without a doubt my least favorite Steeler ever. Drafted in the second round of the 2008 NFL Draft, ahead of Ray Rice, Martellus Bennett, and Jamaal Charles, his hands were made of stone and he let more balls drop through his hands than Jenna Jameson.


If there’s one thing that yinzers love besides Mr Rogers, Charlie Batch, and french fries on salads, it is Pittsburgh native Dan Marino. Sure the Steelers passed on Marino to take defensive lineman Gabe Rivera, who only played six career games, in one of the all-time “wish we had a mulligan” picks ever. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a custom Dan Marino Steelers jersey (white one in the middle) and pretend like Marino was an all-time great for the black & gold. It keeps things spicy in the bedroom with the Mrs and when worn with a nice pair of Isotoners makes a great outfit when raking leaves, going to church, or attending your daughters dance recital.


“Rolling down the street smoking smoking…” That’s what the radio edited version sounded like back in the day. By the way, Doggy Style is still a banger album. Let’s Go Pens!


Dri Archer wishes he was as good as this Stefan Logan jersey. I always had a soft spot for Stefan Logan so I can get behind this jersey. I also love the year round support of the Buccos with the hat.


This Steelers jersey looks like it was purchased at Ames, Giant Eagle, or Gabe’s and would crush with a pair of receiver gloves with stickum and a Rolling Rock.


As a Miami (OH) grad who had a class with Big Ben back in the day I can certainly appreciate this yinzer rocking his college jersey. Since Ben Roethlisberger left Miami their team has been worse than Limas Sweed (if that’s possible). Much love for this jersey.


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a yinzer in a custom Superman Steelers jersey! Would Troy Polamalu be the best representation of Superman for the Steelers? Off the field, when he’s Clark Kent, he’s soft spoken and friendly. On the field he turns into Superman and soars over the offensive line to make incredible sacks.


This is some next level yinzerdom here, a Russell Martin Blue Jays jersey at a Steelers tailgate. Russell Martin hit one of the most memorable and bone chilling home runs of my lifetime against Johnny Cueto in the plaoyffs so I’m gonna let it slide.

See a fantastically yinzer jersey at a Steelers or Penguins game? Snap a pic and tweet it to me @BaconSports or tag me on Instagram @BaconSports. Now excuse me while I try and find a Louis Lipps jersey on eBay.

Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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