The Story of Bacon Sports

Bacon Sports Story

Someone once said to me, “Rob, if you ever hope to get paid to do what you love then you better be doing it already.”

I wanted to get paid to talk about sports for a living so I taught myself every aspect of being a creator. First it started with writing and blogging, then podcasting, being a host, and creating videos. I had no experience editing or throwing events so I learned that too.

Bacon Sports was originally founded as a sports comedy blog. We looked at the current landscape of sports content and knew we could do better. Everything was so homogenous. It was copy + paste + insert what’s on ESPN/Deadspin/Bleacher Report. There was nothing that differentiated one site from another.

At the same time, we took the comedy writing fundamentals learned from studying improv and comedy writing at Second City in Chicago and blended them together with a sports nostalgia + pop culture + community driven approach.

We were a sports blog that created content like your friends would talk at the sports bar. We did this because that’s who you are and that’s who we are.

Over the years we continued to hone our craft. After getting over 1 million visitors to our blog and creating 1000’s of articles, videos, podcasts, and building a community on social media we decided to take the way we built our brand and offered those services to other companies to help them build their brands. We evolved from being a sports blog to a sports content studio.

If you want to engage sports fans using content then we are the ones to talk to. Why? Because who better to help you market to sports fans than working with a company who lives and breathes sports and content creation on a daily basis. We practice what we preach.

Our fan first, multi-channel content creation ethos that was part of who we were at the beginning (back in 2012) continues to be foundational to the way we create and engage for brands to this day. We ask ourselves “what would we want to see if we were consuming content from this brand?” then we go and create it.

We know in order to capture attention in this digital world you’ve got to be more entertaining, engaging, and provide value. When you do your audience will look forward to hearing from you again.

We look forward to the continued growth of our brand, our community, and the amazing companies we work with. The best is yet to come.