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Most random piece of signed NBA sports memorabilia ever

eBay is fantastic because it gives you opportunities to buy things that you didn’t even know existed. Case in point, here’s a Darius Miles and Rox Fox signed photo.

Rick Fox Darius Miles Autographed Photo

Never in my wildest dreams would I ever have thought to search for an autographed picture of these two guys together none the less actually want to buy this (it came up when I was searching for Rick Fox signed photos. I heard that there was once a picture of Fox out there that said “we’ll always have Peru – Rick Fox”. I’m yet to find anything like this but will occasionally check just in case a gem pops up).

Now that I know that this exists I think that the seller is crazy to be asking $65 for this photo. The only reason that this picture has any value is because of the randomness of Rick Fox and Darius Miles. Each player is well known enough to be recognized/remembered but they were not good enough to be considered cool (neither made an All Star team). It’s not like this is a David Robinson/Patrick Ewing signed photo.

One random connection that Fox and Miles do have, aside from the NBA, is that they have both tried their hand at acting. Miles movie roles include Van Wilder and The Perfect Score whereas Fox has had more roles in TV Shows (Franklin and Bash, 1-800 Missing, One Tree Hill). Don’t be holding your breath waiting for either to win an Oscar.

In case you are wondering, I put a bid in of $10 for this.

Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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Rob Cressy


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