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Craig Sager Suits: NBA All Star Game

The NBA All Star game was in Orlando this weekend and luckily for us that meant that our man Craig Sager was doing double duty. On Friday he was at the Rising Stars Challenge and since it was All Star Weekend Sager decided to bring out the best that he had. This outfit looks like he got the tie from Sinbad, the shirt from Pee Wee Herman, and the blazer from an usher at a St Louis Blues game. Together it looks like an old school Cadillac or something that you’d find at the pet store when you are looking to buy a betta.

Craig Sager's suit at the All Star Game

Could Ricky Rubio and Jeremy Lin look any less interested to be standing next to Craig Sager? Despite the three of them being no more than five feet apart it’s like neither Rubio or Lin acknowledge that there is anyone else near them. It’s almost as if Sager slept with both of their girlfriends 10 minutes prior but they were both obligated to be interviewed by him or else David Stern would send them to the D-League. Think you can come up with a great caption for this picture? Let us here it in the comments!

Sager took Saturday off but was back at it on Sunday. His outfit was a little tamer but was still about 50 years behind the times so it was all good. His blazer looks to be made of burlap and when combined with the bright pink tie looks like something that your 3 year old daughter would put together when coloring an Easter egg.

Craig Sager's suit at the All Star Game

Very nice work by TNT to include Craig Sager as a 2012 NBA All Star. He’s definitely a fashion All Star in our book so it’s nice to see him finally get the recognition the he deserves.

If you want to check out the other suits that Craig Sager has been rocking this year go here. We’ve been keeping tabs on him all year long.


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