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Bacon Sports Trivia: NBA Playoffs Edition

This week I celebrate the beginning of the NBA playoffs, where the pressure builds and careers are made. This year there is no shortage of story lines as the Cavs try […]

Don’t Get Between This Woman and Her McDonald’s Bacon

From the bacon crime files, a Michigan woman was sentenced to 3-7 years in prison because McDonald’s employees forgot to put bacon on her burger. Twice. When they disrespected her like that […]

Tim Tebow: I Forgive Britt McHenry

After watching the Britt McHenry video where she insults a towing company employee and talks smack on people without college degrees or brains, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Tim Tebow said he forgives Britt McHenry. Be […]

Mets Fan Shows Love For Mary Jane With 420 Jersey

Happy 4/20 Stoners. To celebrate this weed holiday I’ve got a double-header of stoney goodness. Up first is Mentz, the weed loving Mets fan who’s decision making skills are even […]

5 MLB Players I Want on My Dodgeball Team

In the immortal words of Patches O’Houlihan, the only way to become a dodgeball champion is to “learn the five d’s of dodgeball: dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge!” Patches, […]

Greatest Moments in High Five History

Today is one of my favorite days of the year, it’s National High Five day. I am very pro-high five, even more so than the average sports fan who likes dishing […]

Is This A Groundbreaking Workout to Increase Your Hops? You Be The Judge

Before I go to the video a story must be told. In December, three young, buff, and athletic scholars (myself and two friends) went to the local gym to get […]

Watch This Woman Eat Five Pounds of Bacon in Five Minutes

Competitive eater, Molly Schuyler, set a world record by eating five pounds of bacon in the short time of five minutes and 2.1 seconds. Here’s the video.   Absolute savage. […]

Hoopster Nation 17: Kids Jerseys & Top 3 In Our Collection

Rob and Gibson dish about a new trend in the world of jerseys, kids jerseys, plus delve into what the Top 3 jerseys are in each of our collections. What are […]

Connor McDavid Sabres Jersey Sighting

Sabres fan jumping the gun already (h/t Evelbug) A photo posted by Bacon Sports (@baconsports) on Apr 15, 2015 at 9:55am PDT The NHL playoffs start tonight and one team […]

By God This Bacon Stanley Cup Is Beautiful

Move over Kate Upton because there’s a sizzlin’ new hottie in town and it goes by the name of the Bacon Stanley Cup! Gigantic shout out to BarBrutus for what is the […]

Bacon Shorts Episode 3 – NBA Hot Takes

On the third episode of Bacon Shorts I give some NBA playoff and NBA post season award predictions that sizzle.   If you missed either of the first two episodes of Bacon Shorts you can […]

Air Jordan 3 Golf Shoe: Michael Knight Approved

Since Jordan Spieth just crushed Augusta and gave a performance worthy of his Airness, it felt appropriate on this MJ Mondays to stick with the theme of golf. What we’ve […]

Frank Kaminsky Dancing His Face Off

March Madness might be over but that doesn’t mean we call can’t still get down. While at the bar watching The Masters this weekend a friend of mine (shout out to […]

Aaron Rodgers: The Taylor Swift of Sports

Taylor Swift is a paradox. On one hand, everyone wants to hate her for being an overexposed, seemingly self-obsessed berserk princess. On the other hand, we can’t help but love […]

Opening Night at Wrigley 2015: the Perfect Storm of Awesomeness

One of the things that I love so much about living in Chicago is the sports. It is the greatest sports city in the nation (regardless of if you root for […]

The Best One Shining Moments

The ball is tipped….. Tonight Greg Gumbel will guide an entire nation from prelude to a Championship to the cutting down of the nets and conclude as always with my […]

Boxer Drops Cell Phone Mid Fight

Super middleweight Marvin Jones dropped a boxing match and his phone last week. Jones was knocked out by Ramon Luis Nicholas but his cellular device was the one to hit the canvas first.   […]

This is why they call it March Madness and Gambling

We are only days away from crowning our next NCAA basketball champion and with it comes the madness and gambling that makes the NCAA tournament the greatest sporting event of the […]

March Madness Final Four Trivia

This weekend marks the start of the Final Four, aka the culmination of the greatest tournament in sports. Kentucky is going for perfection, Wisconsin is looking to get revenge from last […]

Most Expensive Sports Memorabilia & the Value of a Jersey

Since we’re think into March Madness I figured why not talk about people who are truly mad. Those who spend exorbitant amounts of money on jerseys and memorabilia.  A year ago, […]

Bacon Shorts Episode 2 – Hulkamania Runs Wild

On the second episode of Bacon Shorts I channel my inner Hulkamaniac, flag Adam Morrison’s man bun, plus have has some thoughts about Michael Jordan & Lex Luger kicking it together on MJ Monday. […]

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