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Play Our Penalty Flag Game: Flag It Tag It

Say hello to Flag It Tag It. An interactive penalty flag game where you call out people for doing dumb stuff in everyday life. The game is simple: Step 1: Get […]

A Jersey For When Your Balls Itch

It seems like I’m shocked on a daily basis at some of the custom jerseys that are sent in (kudos to all of you for sending them in, BTW, keep em […]

Jaromir Jagr, a Mop, and Uncle Jesse

Jaromir Jagr just got traded to the Florida Panthers and less than 8 hours later there’s already been a sighting of his jersey at a game. Like most of you, I […]

Nate Dogg And Warren G Had To Regulate

REGULATORS!!! MOUNT UP! Sports fans custom jerseys game the last few months has been hotter than some brothas shootin dice on 21 and Lewis. None more blazing than this St Louis […]

Blue Chips 2.0: recasting the movie using todays NBA players

It is difficult to believe, but it has been almost 20 years since the premier of one of the most memorable sports movies of the 90s, Blue Chips. Being a […]

Non-glamorous NBA players who wore number 35 with pride

Number 35. Kevin Durant is arguably the best player in the NBA wearing this number on his back. Night after night he defies logic and crushes on someone or drains […]

What if you fought NBA players in Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out?

007-373-5963. For some of you I don’t even need to say what that number represents. Like that sweet tribal tattoo you got in college, it never leaves you. For everyone […]

Starter Jackets were the original swag

Starter recently announced the re-launch of the satin jacket. Hold the freaking phone. My mind instantly wandered back to my childhood days in the mean streets of suburbia Cleveland to […]

Nothing but Rex Chapman Commercials

I’m feeling a bit frisky. When I feel a bit frisky it means that I’ve been thinking about late 80’s NBA players. Today I’ve been thinking specifically about my favorite […]

Pink Jerseys: Friend or Foe?

Defending chicks who wear pink sports jerseys is kind of like a Red Sox fan defending John McNamara’s decision to leave Bill Buckner in during the 10th inning of the […]

NBA Trivia for All-Star Weekend

NBA All-Star weekend is here!!! That basically means that around an extra 5,000 strippers will be descending upon NYC in order to catch some of the dollar bills floating through […]

5 Athlete Fragrances I’d Love To See

I’ve been thinking, if McConaughey gets to parade around in Lincoln commercials, flicking glasses and waiting until the rain stops so he can drive away in is old man car, […]

Leafs Jersey Fail Makes Me Wanna Cry

Poor Toronto Maple Leafs fans. They are the Knicks fans of the North who are crying themselves to sleep on the regular due to the ineptness of their beloved hockey team. […]

Terribly Awesome Football Card: Brian Bosworth

Brian Bosworth aka “The Boz” looks like the product of a gene splicing concoction that is one part Joe Dirt and two parts Ivan Drago. Like Drago, Bosworth had no […]

Top 5 Underrated Sports Video Games

There’s nothing better than firing up the old SEGA Genesis for my favorite game of all-time. That would be NHL ’94, playing as the Pavel Bure and the Canucks, beating […]

If Ecto Cooler and Surge were NBA Players

At Bacon Sports we like to take you back to a time when all was right and the only thing you had to worry about was picking between Monday Night […]

Fictional Baseball Movie Fantasy Draft

Opening day of the baseball season is just a few weeks away. A new season of hope begins for some franchises looking to turn the corner while other teams are […]

Charlie Conway and Johnny Moxon Fight for The Joey Potter Cup

In the small, insular world of Capeside, Massachusetts, there was never a real emphasis on sports. Sure, Jack made some waves as one of the first openly gay high school […]

Top 5 Best Sports Trophies

We all know that chicks dig winners. I mean we can all debate the merits of Jonathan Moxon and Charlie Conway all day, but each guy walked away a winner at […]

Greatest NBA Slam Dunk Contest Ever: 1988 or 2000?

Yesterday NBA TV was running an NBA Slam Dunk Contest marathon, which is pretty much porn for a sports degenerate like myself. They showed the 1988 MJ vs Dominique dunk […]

NBA All-Star Weekend Two on Two Contest Podcast

How awesome would a two on two contest be at NBA All-Star Weekend? Unbelievable, I know. That’s why I wrote an article about it and is why Chicago Bulls blogger […]

Saved By The Bell Jerseys, Yes Please!

Few combinations in life are as good as bacon and sports, but jerseys and Saved By The Bell are a close second. That’s why when I saw that the Brooklyn Cyclones, […]

How Not To Get Laid Custom Jersey

There is a small yet highly visible subsection of the rocking jerseys culture comprised of dudes who wear jerseys that shout to the world “I’m not getting laid.” This Horny custom […]

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