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How Many Days Of The Year Do The Cubs Suck?

There’s no offseason when it comes to burning Chicago Cubs fans. This Cardinals fan wants everyone to know that the Cubs suck all 365 days of the year. You’ve gotta […]

Hacker Leaks Kinky Bud Selig Photos

Even MLB Commissioner Bud Selig’s cell phone was not safe from the hacker that leaked all those naked celebrity photos. Do yo’ thing Bud!

Bacon, Sports & Beer Celebration Action Booth Photos

At the Bacon, Sports & Beer Celebration we don’t have no weak ass photo booth. Instead we have an Action Booth that is worthy of your awesomeness and will take Matrix-like […]

Kenny Hill And Blowing A Ball

Texas A&M QB Kenny Hill had a hell of a debut last night in the Aggies 52-28 romp of Ol’ Ball Coach’s Gamecocks.  511 yards passing and 3 TD’s on […]

Bacon, Sports & Beer Celebration 2.0 Recap Video

The Bacon, Sports & Beer Celebration was most certainly the Hat Trick of Awesomeness. We had sports fans rocking some pretty amazing and random jerseys, sweet Matrix-like poses being created […]

Connie’s Awesome Fantasy Football League

It’s fantasy football season. That means it’s time to get together with friends, talk smack about how Doug Martin was a turd last year, and plot out your path to […]

Boston Sports Trivia Quiz

This week I continue the theme of city sports trivia, this time with Boston. Beantown is home to irritating accents, Sam Adams, and many championship squads. In fact, they have […]

Bacon Used By Crazy Ex To Burn Down House

We’ve all had crazy ex’s in our life but none like my girl Cameo Crispi straight outta Utah. Sure Crispi did the standard crazy texting and “I’m at your house” phone […]

Best Jerseys from BSB 2.0

At the Bacon, Sports & Beer Celebration we encouraged everyone to rock their most random or best jersey and boy did you deliver. The crop of jerseys were top notch […]

2014 NFL Worst Case Scenario Season Preview

The NFL season is right around the corner and optimism for fans of every team is as high as it gets. Anything can happen, right? Kurt Warner went from double bagging […]

Top 5 Players to Beat the Madden Curse

The 26th version of the Madden Series came out yesterday and with it comes the talk of “the Madden curse.” Since the first Madden was released on the MS-DOS system […]

Terribly Awesome Baseball Card: Frank Viola

“We’ll grab a rubdown after. C’mon, get undressed. It’s on me. Why do you think those Russian leaders live so long? They take a schvitz everyday. Take your clothes off!” […]

Hormel Black Label Bacon For A Year Winner

Our friends at Hormel Black Label Bacon are pretty awesome. Not only did they give away 72 packages of bacon and  100 coupons for free bacon at the Bacon, Sports & Beer […]

Rob and Greg: Bacon, Sports & Beer Celebration Recap

Rob and Greg dish about the fun and awesomeness that went down at our second Bacon, Sports & Beer Celebration over the weekend. Shout out to all the attendees, exhibitors, […]

Hot NFL Quarterback Draft

Are you ready for some football?! More specifically, are you ready for some fantasy football? It’s that time of year again where there’s unfair drafts, ridiculous player trades and that random […]

Tecmo Super Bowl Draft: Defensive Big Board

The initial Bacon Sports Tecmo Super Bowl Draft Big Board was a great hit that took us back to a time when Zubaz were hot, Jeff George was slinging, and real gaming […]

Tecmo Super Bowl Draft: Offensive Big Board

The NFL Draft is glorious, just like Tecmo Super Bowl. We’ve all read countless mock drafts, heard a never-ending bevy of rumors, and watched the NFL Combine coverage so now […]

The Shaolin Nine: The Wu-Tang Clan as a Baseball Team

Over the past few years, it’s become trendy to label the New York Yankees as an empire. However, in the early 1990’s, before the Yankees renewed their franchise’s commitment to […]

Breaking Down The Top Gun Volleyball Scene

The Top Gun volleyball scene where Maverick, Goose, Ice Man, and Slider play sand volleyball in the scorching heat is possibly the most unrealistic scene in the history of motion […]

Top 5 Jerseys for Hoopster Women

Happy Thursday Jersday! Since we’ve started giving female sports fans a voice and celebrating them with our #imaunicorn campaign, I thought I’d focus on a small, but awesome group of ladies […]

Blowing into a Nintendo Cartridge: Life’s Solution to Everything

There are many things that I have had no control over in my life. Things mess up, and I try to fix them. Some fixes are easy, while others are […]

Ballin At The Bacon, Sports & Beer Celebration

At the Bacon, Sports & Beer Celebration on Sat, Aug 23 we’ll have multiple pop-a-shot hoops and RedEye Chicago will be giving away prizes to the guy and girl that shoot […]

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