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Call Out People For Doing Stupid Shit

Say hello to Flag It Tag It. An interactive penalty flag game where you call out people for doing dumb stuff in everyday life. The game is simple: Step 1: Get […]

Bacon Sports Trivia: Super Bowl Edition

The Super Bowl arrives on Sunday, marking the end of another glorious football season. With that being said, I give you the obligatory Super Bowl trivia. Starting Monday there will […]

Bud Bowl Where Have You Gone?

About a decade before I tasted my first Natty Light, I really started having feelings for the, so called, nectar of the Gods…beer. Why, you ask? It was not because […]

7 Best Game Faces in Sports

“Your face, I like it.” That’s probably what I would say if I ever had the chance to meet Tom Brady in the flesh. But since I’m a mere mortal, […]

Rob Lowe DirecTV Characters and their Pro Athlete Counterpart

Not since the Napa Know How commercial have we been hit with a tv commercial with greater volume then a J.R. Smith stat sheet. Love it or hate it, you […]

Rob & Greg’s 10: Creating a Super Bowl Commercial for Good Morning America

Rob and Greg’s Excellent Adventure is back after a 2 month hiatus and guess what, we’ve figured out how to turn a videocast into a podcast. That’s right, we are giving […]

Terribly Awesome Football Card: Bill Belichick

I was quickly rifling through my card collection and had to do a double take. How did Chevy Chase find his way onto one of my football cards? Other than […]

2015 NBA All-Star Weekend Two on Two Contest

The NBA needs to take a page from the NHL and make their NBA All-Star weekend more fan friendly and interesting. I dug watching goalies trying to score full length ice goals […]

Terribly Awesome Football Card: Steve Largent

After a preseason trade in his rookie year, Steve Largent was an original member of the inaugural Seattle Seahawks team. There he remained for his 13 productive NFL seasons, followed […]

Hoopster Nation 16: Bobby Hurley Jerseys, Sizing & Our 2015 Purchases

The Hoopster Nation crew dishes about the jerseys they’ve purchased so far in 2015, the proper size to wear, and the merits of rocking a Bobby Hurley jersey. Jerseys talked about include […]

Deflategate: Why It’s Fun To Hate The Patriots

The New England Patriots deflated 11 of 12 game balls and now Deflategate is a thing. This story is less about the act of deflating footballs and the effect it […]

Tim Tebow Jerseys The New John 3:16 Sign?

The custom jerseys trend is hotter than Kate Upton and absolutely nothing is off limits. In the last month we’ve seen the following custom jerseys: Santa Claus, Man Juice, Lil Wayne, Jameis […]

Bacon Sports Trivia: Miscellaneous Sports Knowledge

For this week’s sports trivia post, I’ve decided to mix it up, literally. There is a sports smorgasbord with everything from the NBA to College Football. See how your comprehensive […]

5 Worst Dressed Post-Game Outfits

Remember that time Dennis Rodman wore a wedding dress to promote his book? Unfortunately, so does the rest of America, and our collective eyes are still burning. While Rodman’s heinous […]

Knicks Fan: Why Can’t Team Be More Like The Jets

Last night the New York Knicks lost their franchise record 16th consecutive game and fans in New York are asking why the team can’t be more like the Jets. “The Jets […]

Hidden Bacon, Sports & Beer Celebration Dance Party Video

We are rolling out a digital marketing and content creation part of our company and I started working on putting together a compilation video of the things we’ve done to show how […]

Ezekiel Elliott Channels His Inner Al Bundy

Touchdown Tommy Vardell, Corey Schlesinger, and Al Bundy. What is great fullbacks? Correct! What we have here, spotted at the college football National Championship game, is an Al Bundy Polk […]

Terribly Awesome Basketball Card: Fennis Dembo

Fennis Dembo has one of the all-time best basketball names. Fennis and his twin sister Fenise were the 11th and 12th children in the Dembo family. Their sister Zona suggested […]

Andy Dalton Big Fan of Ohio State’s 4 Turnover Blueprint

On the heels of Ohio State’s impressive four turnover, 42-20 beating of the Oregon Ducks in the National Championship game, Andy Dalton likes the new blueprint for what it takes […]

This Jersey Is Worse Than Peyton Manning in the Playoffs

The “who’s better: Peyton Manning or Tom Brady” narrative is running on fumes, and quite frankly I think it was over when Peyton Manning and the Broncos got smoked in […]

All Turbin Errrthang

There aren’t too many fans rocking a Robert Turbin Seahawks jersey for obvious reasons. Robert Turbin is not in the top 15 of Seahawks players and doesn’t cause earthquakes when he […]

Johnny and Jameis: A Match Made in Heaven

I was visited in my dreams last night by the ghost of football future. That ghost brought with him some ugly news. In light of Famous Jameis Winston’s recent decision […]

5 Things That Kate Upton And Her Boobs Could Not Sell You

Kate Upton and boobs. Two things the creators of the game Game of War think can help sell more of their game to teenagers and dudes. These commercials, which seems […]

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