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Crazy Fans, Tailgating, and NASCAR Awesomeness at Chicagoland

With a NASCAR race going down in Chicago this past weekend our good friends at NASCAR thought it was a good idea for G-Hunt and I to get an all-access […]

John Wall Wilboning in a Redskins Jersey

Apparently John Wall has a custom Redskins jersey and he thinks it’s a good idea to Wilbon that shit (aka Wilboning – rocking a jersey tucked in). I get that […]

Rob and Greg’s NASCAR Adventure

Rob and Greg dish about their NASCAR Adventure at the Chicagoland Speedway this weekend. This includes the hard partying fans, the tailgating, the Real World Chicago, and tons of bacon, sports, and beer […]

FREDDYKRUGR #69 Will Slice Yo Ass

The creativity of custom #69 NFL jerseys has gone to a whole new pervy level this year. We’ve already captured a Your Mom #69 Steelers jersey to go with a Hope #69 Bears jersey. Now we’ve […]

Burger King Calls: Veggie Burger Complaint

The Burger King Calls are back with one of my all-time favorites. During the 3+ years of my pseudo-management position at Burger King, I received only one person calling to […]

Guinness BBQ Sauce Glazed Bacon

How does Guinness BBQ Sauce Glazed Bacon sound to you? Amazing, I know. Guinness + Bacon is a combination almost as good as Bacon and Sports. We want to make […]

Sports Trivia: 1980’s Edition

This week Bacon Sports Trivia goes back to a time when Michael Jackson was still black, Hulk Hogan ruled the ring, Mr. T was a serious celebrity, and men rocked […]

NFL Week 2 Picks and the 80/20 Rule

One week of the NFL season is in the books and the hard work of listening to people who know more about sports betting than I do has paid off. […]

The Perfect Day at the Bacon Skybox

Mr Perfect approves of this video of the perfect day at the Bacon Skybox. We are posting original videos on the regular so make sure to subscribe to our Youtube […]

Terribly Awesome Beer: Bud Ice

Beware of the penguin and the hangover. Bud Ice is the first inductee in the Terribly Awesome Beers Hall of Fame. Introduced in 1994, Bud Ice gained popularity due to its high […]

Terribly Awesome Football Card: Eric Dickerson

Eric Dickerson was wearing turtlenecks way before Steve Jobs, and he was the NFL’s rec specs ambassador. The MLB and NBA had their own rec specs ambassadors in Chris Sabo […]

Orange is the New Black vs Fantasy Football

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you combined Carrie Bradshaw with Matthew Berry? Sex and the City meets ESPN? Every week my column will be a comparison between […]

Tony Parker Rap Breakdown

In 2007, Tony Parker was on top of the game. The Frenchmen was living the American dream in the NBA making boatloads of cash. He had already won two championships […]

Bears vs Bills: Best Jerseys and Fans

Yesterday I attended the Bears vs Bills game at Soldier Field. My fiance Rachael, who I’m marrying in less than two weeks, is from Buffalo so what better way to […]

Take Back Tailgating

Fire up those grills, ice up the coolers and grab a jersey it’s tailgate season! Well sort of. One thing that grinds my gears is the ridiculous tailgating rules that teams […]

In-Game Karate Kick Hall of Fame

By now you’ve probably seen Antonio Brown’s karate kick to the face of the Browns kicker. Most of the parodies or comparisons I’m seeing involve the Karate Kid. It’s good but […]

9 Ways to Sneak Alcohol into a Football Stadium

Whether you’re a college or NFL football fan, your life is amazing once again. Your Saturdays and Sundays are now for more than masturbation and naps. That’s right, football season is […]

Burger King Calls: Got Any TP?

Ever wonder what it’s like to work at Burger King? Me too. For three years my work phone number was mistaken for a west side Chicago Burger King and it […]

Leon Washington and Mike Ditka Walk Into A Bar

Last night I kicked off the NFL season at wing night at Birdsnest (some of the best wings in Chicago) and I saw history. I’m speaking of course of sitting […]

NFL Sports Trivia!

The NFL finally returns this week and not a minute too soon. Now, we can look forward to five months of pouring over betting lines and updating our fantasy football […]

Bacon Breakdancing

Bacon breakdancing. I can get down with that. You know who else is down with bacon breakdancing? Nick Offerman (aka Ron Swanson). We all know his love of bacon but […]

7 Ways to Incorporate Sports Gear into Your Daily Life

Today I witnessed something miraculous: A grown man was biking down the street, wearing a baseball helmet for safety purposes. It was beautiful. Upon seeing this, I got to thinking, […]

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