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12 Days of Flagmas Giveaway

The holidays are here and we are in the spirit of giving. We want to reward those of you who are down with Bacon Sports and interact with us on […]

Flag It Tag It: An Interactive Penalty Flag Game

Say hello to Flag It Tag It. An interactive penalty flag game where you call out people for doing dumb stuff in everyday life. The game is simple: Step 1: Get […]

Stylin n Profilin Chicago Knit Cap Giveaway

Flagmas Claus is in a good mood and wants to celebrate the final day of the 12 Days of Flagmas by doing one last giveaway. This one is for our Chicago fans who […]

NFL Week 16 Picks ATS

Hit the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase’s Entrance Music! Bobby Vegas is back in the house and I’m ready to cash some tickets. Last week was a big one for me as […]

7 Things Successful People Do Every Day Upside Down

Successful people have figured out the game of life and the intricate details that allow them to push forward and achieve more than that average person. Often times it is their contrarian thinking […]

Tweets About Jay Cutler’s Dumpster Fire MNF Performance

Jay Cutler is the gift that keeps on giving depending on which side you are on. For Bears fans and many fantasy football owners, his 3 INT performance last night was […]

Beer’s Drank This Week 1

Every week on Twitter those of us that throw a few back like to take a pic of what beers we are drinking and hashtag it #ShareYourBeer. The days of […]

Chillin on the Train in a Jim Kleinsasser Jersey

I guess after all the Adrian Peterson you have to bring out the Jim Kleinsasser jersey…..I guess. #Vikings #NFL — WTF Jerseys (@wtf_jerseys) December 14, 2014 Much props to […]

Marcus Mariota Titans Jersey Sighting!

The Marcus Mariota NFL jerseys have already been spotted. (h/t @2ToneBlueBlood) — Autzen Students (@AutzenStudents) December 14, 2014 I just don’t get it with Titans fans. The season isn’t […]

Willy Beamen Jersey Got the Ladies Creamin and the Fans Screamin

What we have here is a kick ass custom Willy Beamen jersey from Any Given Sunday. Imagine if the Wisconsin Badgers had Willy Beamen at quarterback to go alongside Melvin Gordon. No […]

Custom Johnny Manziel Jersey Worse Than Drew Carey Show

No one does homemade jerseys like Cleveland #Browns — Connor Kiesel (@ConnorKiesel) December 14, 2014 It’s Arts & Crafts day in Cleveland. Take a Colt McCoy jersey, some duct […]

On the Naughty List? Get Santa Some Bacon!

Listen up Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson and anyone else on the naughty list, Santa wants BACON! Our friends over at Farmland Bacon got the exclusive story from the man himself. So this year […]

Think Different: 47% The New 0% iPhone Battery Life

Chicago, IL – iPhone owners who are accustomed to Apple’s “Think Different” mindset are thrilled over discovering a new unadvertised feature with their iPhone 5. “I bought my iPhone 5 because I wanted features no other phone […]

Top 5 Midget Quarterbacks

Webster, the foremost authority on word definitions, defines a midget as “something much smaller than usual.” Marvin Lewis, über classy head coach of the Cincinnati Bungles, defines a midget as […]

NFL Week 15 Picks ATS

Heading into last week I was reeling after an awful Week 13 which had me flirting for the first time this year with not having a winning season (52.4%). Well I wasn’t able […]

12 Days Of Flagmas Winners

Each day of the 12 Days of Flagmas we are awarding a member of the Bacon Sports community who engages with us on social media two penalty flags and a […]

Redneck Skiing vs Most Insane Ski Line Ever

Learning how to ski in North Carolina can be extremely dangerous. If you’ve ever tried bombing a double black diamond made of straight ice and fake snow then you know what […]

Sports Talk n Stuff with Rob and Greg

G-Hunt and I were kicking it in the Bacon Skybox trying to figure out our next moves. We decided to turn the camera and and start dishing some sports talk about Larry […]

Burning A Jersey 101

Burning a jersey is the sports equivalent to putting naked pictures of your now ex-girlfriend on the Internet. At one point there was love, you were ready to ride or […]

Athletes Tweet the Darndest Things 31

I’m gonna bring back an article that I used to do called “Athletes Tweet the Darndest Things.” The concept is simple, check out what’s being posted on athletes twitter feeds, […]

1972 Dolphins fan looking obnoxious as hell

If you rooted for the only NFL franchise to ever have an undefeated season (1972 Dolphins) how do you think you’d react? I think it gets broken down two ways depending […]

NBA Trivia + Better Dunker: Vince or MJ?

The NBA is in full swing and early on some interesting story lines have emerged. The Raptors are the best team in the Eastern Conference, the Cavs have not jumped out […]

Le’Veon Bell Should Endorse Chocolate Diamonds

‘Tis the season for cheesy jewelry commercials and playoff pushes. Sometimes the worlds of ugly jewelry and sports collide, mainly in the form of dudes who watch football buying their […]

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