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Greatest Trail Blazers Jersey Collection

What we have here is quite possibly the greatest Portland Trail Blazers jersey collection ever assembled. This comes from Eric Rickets aka @PartyOnBro. Obviously the sheer volume of Trail Blazers […]

Stupid Athletes Who Needed A Fall Guy

I find the outrage over Cris Carter’s “Fall Guy” comments at the 2014 NFL Rookie Symposium a bit ridiculous. I get it, why should these players need a fall guy […]

MLB Fan Cave & Greatest New Era Hats Collection Ever

Rob Cressy is joined Benjamin Christensen, formerly of the MLB Fan Cave, who has the greatest New Era hat collection in the history of the world (over 600). We talk about […]

Michael Jordan vs Yoda: Who’s Throwing It Down?

If there is anyone in the world that could take on Michael Jordan in a game of hoops it would be Yoda. Until this past weekend I had never thought about that scenario. […]

5 Ways to Troll Athletes for Boneheaded Injuries

The Detroit Lions trolled Geno Smith by playing “I Can’t Feel My Face” when his name was announced last week, and it was glorious. Rex Ryan was grateful for the […]

Baseball Cards Throwback Podcast

Rob Cressy is joined Tom Pellegrino for the first ever baseball cards throwback podcast. They dish about all things baseball cards from how they picked packs out of the boxes, their […]

Terribly Awesome Baseball Card: Mike LaValliere

Mike LaValliere kept the MLB dream alive for chubby little leaguers across the Burgh. Nicknamed “Spanky” for his resemblance to the Little Rascals character, he managed to get more out […]

Random Jerseys Compilation: August 1-17

These are random jerseys sent in via social media from August 1-17. Big shout out to all of you who continue to send them over. Much love. With the NFL […]

Best White Sox Jerseys – Bo Knows Baseball

My boy Matt Smith is an Angels fans, and there’s rarely reasons to go see the White Sox play, so I took him up on his offer of buying $10 seats to watch […]

Hoopster Nation 22: Lollapalooza Jerseys Wrap Up

Rob Cressy is joined Hoopstergram’s Tom Phillips as they do a wrap up of all things hoopsters and jerseys that went down at Lollapalooza. They dish about the best jerseys they saw at Lollapalooza, […]

Best Pirates Jerseys – Cole vs Kershaw

This past weekend I was in Pittsburgh getting my yinzer on. As part of the festivities I was lucky enough to attend the Friday night Pirates vs Dodgers game which […]

You Stay Classy Chicago

The custom jerseys game has exploded (as we’ve well documented over the years) and it’s gotten to the point where nothing will surprise me. Instead I’m more interested in the levels of […]

Yinzcast: Buccos, Steelers & Jerome Bettis HOF

Rob Cressy & Rebecca Ramos drop an all Pittsburgh sports podcast where they dish about the current state of the Pirates, the AJ Burnett injury & trade deadline moves, Steelers training […]

Top 5 Dad Bods in the NFL

Dad bod is a growing epidemic that must be stopped! I don’t care how much a dude loves beer and burgers, I like my men to have more than a […]

Best Jerseys of Lollapalooza 2015

These are the best jerseys of Lollapalooza 2015. I’ll be adding comments on the jerseys shortly. I just wanted to be able to get this up right away. Big shout […]

5 Levels Of Hoopster Jerseys You’ll See At Lollapalooza

Lollapalooza is this weekend, which is the random jersey Olympics where hoopsters go HAM. If you are a hoopster and want to peacock those feathers then this is the place […]

Hoopster Nation 21: All Lollapalloza Jerseys Everything

Rob Cressy is joined by Gibson Smith & Hoopstergram’s Tom Phillips as they dish about the upcoming Hoopster Olympics, aka Lollapalooza, the music festival where the best jerseys come out to play. […]

Random Jerseys Compilation: July 20-27

These are random jerseys sent in via social media from July 20-27. With the NFL season right around the corner we are going to start seeing a good helping of […]

5 Most Legit Athletes in Movies

I saw Trainwreck this weekend and was shocked by an emaciated LeBron. Then I realized he was in the midst of his paleo phase, so I was able to focus […]

Terribly Awesome Baseball Card: Jay Baller

If Jay Baller was not the inspiration behind the character Kenny Powers from HBO’s East Bound and Down, he may as well have been. He clearly had the look for […]

Random Jerseys Compilation: July 13-19

The feedback I got last week about the first random jerseys compilation was positive so we are gonna keep this party going. Above are the random jerseys sent in via social media from […]

Friday Strut Off: Double J vs Ric Flair

What better way to head into the weekend than with a strut off between Double J Jeff Jarrett & Ric Flair.   Who’s got the better strut: Double J or the […]

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