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Flag It Tag It: An Interactive Penalty Flag Game

Say hello to Flag It Tag It. An interactive penalty flag game where you call out people for doing dumb stuff in everyday life. The game is simple: Step 1: Get […]

NFL Week 13 Picks ATS

Gobble Gobble! Thanksgiving is here let us all rejoice! Our bellies will be filled with delicious turkey and stuffing all while we OD on NFL football, college rivalry games, and […]

Hooters Girls and Jon Gruden Star in a Commercial

These Hooters jerseys are more than a mouthful and are from a commercial staring Jon Gruden. I have to commend Jon Gruden on his choice of slutting himself out for the almighty […]

Dan Klecko Eagles Jersey

This Dan Klecko Eagles jersey is super random considering Klecko only played with the Eagles for one season, starting only three games. Klecko is sort of the Jose Oquendo of […]

Share Your Beer and Give Virtual Cheers!

Bacon, Sports and Beer are the Hat Trick of Awesomeness, and we love drinking us some good beer while consuming the other two. When you are throwing a few back we encourage […]

5 Sports Fails from the Weekend

This past weekend we saw a lot of college football and NFL teams fail big time, and they deserve to be called out (just like Michael Phelps). That’s why I created a […]

5 Odell Beckham Photoshops. Have Mercy.

Last night Odell Beckham Jr broke the internet with his hands, not his ass, with a catch that will go down as one of the best ever. Odell Beckham photoshops started […]

Burger King Prank Calls: The Transfer

The King is back with the latest edition of the Burger King Prank Calls. This time we got Stanley on the line who is looking to get the hell out […]

5 Dirtiest ‘Staches in Sports

The Oxford English Dictionary defines mustache as “a strip of hair left to grow above the upper lip.” With all due respect to OED, the ‘stache has become so much […]

Sports Trivia: Florida Football Edition

Perhaps no state loves football more than Florida (aka America’s wang). You couldn’t tell it by the looking at the stands during a Bucs, Jags, or Dolphins game, but year […]

Michael Phelps Girlfriend Born a Dude and They Met on Tinder?

Queue the scene from Mrs. Doubtfire, “Da Da Da Da, Dude Looks Like a Lady!” Apparently Michael Phelps “girlfriend” was born a dude and they met on Tinder. This story is all sorts […]

NFL Week 12 Picks ATS

Good teams bounce back after a blowout loss. Last week I was coming off a dismal 4-9 record with my NFL picks, but my track record all year was that of […]

Do Something Sweet

At Bacon Sports we want to be better than other sports sites out there. On top of trying to make you laugh by fusing together sports and comedy, we want to be […]

Sneaking into Auburn

Here’s the scenario: You’re at your first SEC game and you can either scalp a ticket or find an alternative way into the stadium.  I’m adventurous so I chose the […]

10 Rules To Wearing Jerseys Podcast

Rocking jerseys and looking fresh is an art. As long you follow our 10 rules to wearing jerseys you’ll always be looking fly. The jersey czar Ryan Mackman joins me as […]

Ultimate Sports Man Cave Office

It has always been my dream to have a sports man cave. One of our goals at Bacon Sports is to create a sports man cave office similar to what […]

Hit Some Tony Gwynn Beer

Tony Gwynn was a hitting machine and a joy to watch in those turd colored uni’s, so it’s only appropriate that we can now drink him in the form of beer. […]

Top 5 Fails Of The Week

Time for the first of many Flat It Tag It Fails of the Week where we look back at the people who were called out and the stupid shit they […]

Beer Holster Movember Mustache Giveaway

Mustaches and beer go together almost as well as bacon and sports. With Movember in full swing and Team Bacon looking as ravishing as Rick Rude, we want to do what […]

NFL Week 11 Picks ATS

My NFL gambling season is very similar to the season the Pittsburgh Steelers are currently having. There’s some really high high’s, like going 11-2 ATS two weeks ago, and then […]

Beef Jerky Giveaway. Get Some!

Who wants to win some Oberto Beef Jerky? We love connecting brands who want to give away good shit with you bacon loving, jersey rocking, sports fans. Since beef jerky is […]

Terribly Awesome Basketball Card: Sam Vincent

“When You See It…” At first glance, there is nothing terribly awesome about this. It is a card featuring Sam Vincent, a middling NBA role player that any collector would […]

War Damn Eagle Rap Anthem

We just got back from a 5 day, 2 RV, 12 dude, SEC road trip from Chicago to Auburn and back dubbed the Redhook Road Trip (shout out to our friends […]

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