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At Least It’s Not A Greg Little Jersey

Jerseys / 07.24.14 / Comments

Nothing makes you feel more alive than going to a big box retailer rocking a Quincy Morgan Browns jersey. Many of people have left the store with a Keurig in hand,…

Rob & Greg Podcast: Tap The Future Miami and Sneaking Into First Class

Podcasts / 07.23.14 / Comments

On the first ever Rob and Greg podcast we dish about our crazy three day Tap The Future Miami experience where we pitched Bacon Sports to Daymond John. This includes stories about…

Last Chance Early Bird Tickets To BSB 2.0

Extra Bacon / 07.23.14 / Comments

Hello Friends. The Bacon, Sports & Beer Celebration is exactly one month away. If you thought the Hat Trick of Awesomeness was fun last year just wait until Sat, August…

Probably Not A Michael Richards Fan

Jerseys / 07.23.14 / Comments

Nothing says I’m ready for football like rocking an Erik Kramer Bears jersey in July. This jersey looks brand spanking new, and considering that Erik Kramer’s tenure with the Bears was about…

Terribly Awesome Baseball Card: Luis Aquino

Baseball / 07.23.14 / Comments

If you look closely at Luis Aquino’s Mr. T starter kit, one of the charms says “Tony.” Before your gaydar starts going haywire, I’ve done the research and found that…

Kobe Bryant Rapping: A.W.F.U.L.

Extra Bacon / 07.23.14 / Comments

At the turn of the century, it seemed like everyone was a fan of Kobe Bryant, the NBA’s heir apparent to MJ. That is until we heard the horrific news…

Don’t Fake The Funk On A Nasty East Bay Funk Dunk

Jerseys / 07.22.14 / Comments

Kudos to this hoopster for rocking an Isaiah Rider Timberwolves jersey. It’s more rare than a Baby Jordan Heat jersey yet memorable enough to get you plenty of dap. The NBA needs…

NFL Trivia Quiz: Training Camp Edition

Football, Sports Trivia / 07.22.14 / Comments

Football season is finally on our doorstep, and it could not have come soon enough. Training camps opened up last weekend, and it’s only a matter of time until we see…

Braylon Wanted A Patty Melt

Jerseys / 07.21.14 / Comments

This Braylon Edwards Browns jersey is so craptacular that it needs to be tucked into a pair of jeans to hide how how fully craptacular it really is. No doubt…

Derek Jeter RE2PECT Parody of A-Rod

Baseball, Video / 07.21.14 / Comments

Derek Jeter is awesome and A-Rod is as likable as a rusty nail sandwich. The Derek Jeter RE2PECT video was pretty baller. Leave it to some funny people to parody…

Derek Jeter’s Girlfriends Wanted Him for that Jeter Juice

Baseball, Hall of Fame / 07.19.14 / Comments

Derek Jeter is the modern day Captain America. Everybody loves him and he can do no wrong. Jeter has been a stud on and off the field and he lays down…

Little Giants: Where Are They Now?

Extra Bacon / 07.18.14 / Comments

“Spike don’t play with girls!” Don’t pretend you don’t know exactly where that line came from. If you were breathing air in the 90s, you loved Little Giants as much…

Terribly Awesome Baseball Card: Rollie Fingers

Baseball / 07.17.14 / Comments

As I write more and more of these posts, it is becoming evident that there is a clear checklist of what makes a Terribly Awesome Card. There are rare exceptions,…

Tap The Future, South Beach, and Ballin Hard

Extra Bacon / 07.16.14 / 1 Comment

Last week Greg Hunter and I had the opportunity to pitch Bacon Sports in front of Miller Lite and Daymond John down in Miami as part of the Tap The Future business…

Play Our British Open Best Ball Challenge. Win Stuff

Fantasy / 07.14.14 / Comments

Hello Friends. Two Majors down and no victories for Tiger. Thankfully he’s back at the 143rd British Open at Royal Liverpool and once again we’ve got you covered. We know that…

LeBron James Sucks. No Wait, He Rocks

Jerseys / 07.14.14 / Comments

Looks like Drew Carey isn’t the only funny Cavs fan in town. This LeBron Sucks Rocks jersey reminds me of this great scene from Dumb and Dumber. H/T to Jr Ortiz…

From Heat Nation: Thank You LeBron

Basketball / 07.13.14 / Comments

I needed a night to digest this whole thing, and waking up today I’m still disappointed. However, I am not shocked at LeBron James’s choice to head back to Cleveland.…

LeBron Cast: Cavs Fans Drinking The Kool-Aid

Basketball, Podcasts / 07.11.14 / Comments

Two Cleveland sports die-hard fans join Rob Cressy to share their euphoria over LeBron James returning to the Cavs on what is our first ever LeBron cast. Don’t forget to subscribe to…

The King is Back: How’s My Ass Taste Miami

Basketball / 07.11.14 / Comments

The King is back!!! HOLY FREAKING S**T!! It has been two hours since the news broke that the Berlin Wall came down LeBron James is returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers.…

MLB All-Star Game Trivia

Baseball / 07.11.14 / Comments

The slowest time of the sports calendar is upon us. While Cleveland fans, and NBA fans in general, are continuously refreshing to see where he is headed, and football…

A Letter to Johnny Manziel from the Future Johnny Manziel

Football / 07.07.14 / 1 Comment

Breaking news: Johnny Manziel likes to hang with celebrities. Oh, snap, you already knew that. By now we’ve all seen Mrs. Heisman’s latest epic selfie with the Biebs, Tyson Beckford and…

Most Patriotic Wrestlers of All-Time

Extra Bacon / 07.03.14 / Comments

The World Cup has wrapped up for Team USA, but patriotism is still running high. Naturally, that led me to think, who were the most patriotic wrestlers of all time? In…

Terribly Awesome Basketball Card: Danny Ferry

Basketball / 07.03.14 / Comments

Before Cherokee Parks, there was Christian Laettner. Before Christian Laettner, there was Danny Ferry, who led the Blue Devils to three Final Four appearances. The generic blank jersey in the…

Ultimate Chive Fest Chicago Recap

Extra Bacon / 07.02.14 / 2 Comments

Chive Fest Chicago rolled into town and with it came 2 Chainz, Matt and Kim, Empire of the Sun, a whole lot of Chivers and Chivettes, and a ridiculous amount of…

USA vs Germany Watch Party Pics

Extra Bacon / 06.30.14 / Comments

USA soccer is heading to the elimination round of the World Cup and Hulkamaniacs and soccer fans in Chicago are going wild. Like we did for the USMNT matches versus Ghana…

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