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Hard Sports Trivia Quiz 14: Baseball Edition

hard-sports-trivia-baseballIts Friday again, thankfully, and we all know what that means. It is time to use our brains one last time for the work week and answer all of our favorite sports trivia questions. Good luck!

Same Letter – all of these answers will be a player or person’s name that has the same first letter in their first and last name (ex. Steve Smith). This time it will be all players with the letter B starting their first and last name, in baseball.

1. Current Milwaukee Brewers pitcher, has pitched 15 innings so far and has given up 12 hits

2. In the 2005 World Series against the White Sox, this pitcher threw 7 innings and had an ERA of 0.00

3. The pride and joy of Lifkin Texas, current Giants 1st baseman and OF

4. Under utilized right fielder for the Tigers, 3rd round pick out of UC-Berkley

5. Portrayed by Brad Pitt in moneyball and has the lowest payroll every year

6. The father of the home run king

7. A man I miss calling my Cubs games, World Series champion coach

8. First ever third generation baseball player

9. Possibly the greatest name in baseball history, only played 4 years, lastly for the A’s in 2010

10. Padres manager since 2007

11. Played for the Indians and Mariners as a left fielder and first baseman

12. Half of the original killer b’s and still getting paid by the New York Mets

13. The tainted other half of the original killer b’s

14. Played off and on for the Cubs in the 2000’s, he has a name that reminds me of a weatherman

15. The one time most hated man in Red Sox Nation

I’ll give you the answers after this video of another B-B, Brent Barry crip walking after participating in the NBA Three Point Contest.

1. Burke Badenhop
2. Branson Backe
3. Brandon Belt
4. Brennan Boesch
5. Billy Bean
6. Bobby Bonds
7. Bob Brenly
8. Brett Boone
9. Boof Bonser
10. Bud Black
11. Ben Broussard
12. Bobby Bonilla
13. Barry Bonds
14. Brant Brown
15. Bill Buckner



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