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How to Disgrace a Hall of Fame Jersey

Ron Santo Marks Cubs Jersey

Here’s a great idea. How about I buy the jersey of a Chicago Cubs Hall of Famer (Ron Santo) and to be cooler than Stuart Scott I go ahead and change the name on the back of the jersey to “Marks”. AWESOME!!!!! That must have been the thought process of this Cubs fans who decided that it just wasn’t good enough to be walking around with an authentic Ron Santo jersey. He needed more. I’m not a fan of personalized jersey but if that’s your thing so be it. If you are going to do it then choose some random number that no player who actually matters wears and definitely not a Hall of Famer. It just makes you look like a douche. The other option is to just choose #69, put something like “Blackout” on the back, and be “that guy”.

Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

Sports loving free throw specialist living in Chicago who is awesome most of the time, has run with the bulls in Spain, and is a graduate of Second City's Improv program.
Rob Cressy


Sports comedy, pop culture, nostalgia and a love of jerseys and bacon.
Rob Cressy


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