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random-jersey-front-3We love us some random jerseys. Jerseys represent sports fandom, and there will always be a never ending cycle of good, bad, custom, and everything in between to allow you to peacock your sports rooting feathers. We want to be the #1 source for all your random jersey and hoopster needs. To help earn your trust we’ve created this Jerseys Guide that can be your all encompassing resource to all things related to the jersey culture.

We encourage you to be an active participant in playing the random jersey game and interacting with us. The jersey culture is a positive and supportive one where dap is given if you are rocking something awesome.

Here are a series of hashtags and categories of jerseys that we use to help you engage with us:

  • Any time you see a random jersey on the street snap a pic, tweet it to us @BaconSports and use hashtag #randomjersey. We will retweet them and the best random jerseys will make it on the site. You can also email us at if you aren’t on Twitter.
  • Wilboning: when someone is rocking a jersey tucked in. This is paying homage to Michael Wilbon who threw out the first pitch at Wrigley and was rocking a tucked in Cubs jersey. This look majorly aches. Use #wilboning on Twitter when you spot someone in the wild doing this.
  • Custom Jerseys: when sports fans go off the grid and decide to create their own jersey. This has been a very popular trend recently due to the unpredictably of player performance and longevity with a team. It also is a good opportunity to show how awesome and creative or a lack there of you are. Included in this category are jerseys that have duct tape over the name plate with someone else written over it. Nothing like repurposing that old Kordell Stewart jersey.
  • #69 Jerseys: this is a subset of custom jerseys. There’s still people out there that think the fourth grade 69 joke is still funny. These people are also likely to randomly hit you in the nuts, may have less than ideal hygiene, and the presence of a lady may only happen with an exchange of money. Rocking a #69 jersey says a lot about yourself so creating your own custom #69 jersey takes you to a whole new level of douchiness.
  • #tvjersey: jerseys are everywhere and randomly on TV and in commercials is no exception. These jerseys are often very generic or have made up team names. The prevalence of brands using jerseys is a testament to the jersey culture.
  • Jersey Fails: these are the jerseys that have something wrong with them. Maybe they were bought in China and the name is spelled wrong or a logo looks a little wonky. This can also include jerseys of players that were never actually on that team (ex. a Patrick Kane Sabres jersey). If you rock a jersey fail then you are declaring to everyone that it’s open season to lambast you.

Here are some articles we’ve created that help give you some more background and insight into the random jersey game, jersey etiquette, and helpful tips.

  • World’s Largest Random NBA Jerseys Database: find and purchase the NBA jersey of 763 past and present players. If you love rocking Champion jerseys then this will be an amazing resource for you.
  • 10 Rules To Wearing Jerseys: if you are going to be rocking a jersey then follow these 10 simple rules and your jersey game will be on point.
  • Rules For Wearing Expired Throwback Jerseys: it’s inevitable that a jersey you own will become expired due to the player leaving for free agency, being traded, cut, or retiring. Follow these rules and you’ll know what the shelf life is of your jersey and when you can get it back into your rotation.
  • Hoopster Manifesto: hoopsters are sports hipsters that pride themselves on rocking the most random basketball jerseys possible. This article tells you all about the hoopster culture and the mindset that goes into the jerseys they select.
  • 5 Levels of Hoopsters: there’s nothing special in the random jersey game about seeing someone rock a D Rose or Kobe jersey. They are everywhere and too common. There is, however, something special about seeing someone rock a Cherokee Parks Mavericks jersey. This article breaks down the different levels of hoopsters and how you can go from being a noob to a pro.
  • 10 Most Difficult Jerseys To Find: these team specific jerseys are hard to find and will help you stand out if you can get your hands on one.
  • Pink Jerseys: Friend or Foe: the dreaded pink jersey that girls often wear. Is it fair or foul?
  • Real or Fake: A Comprehensive Guide To Buying Jerseys: this jersey buying guide will help you know the signs to look for when buying a jersey so that you can avoid unknowingly purchasing a counterfeit jersey.
  • Quiz: Can you spot a real vs fake jersey?: take this quiz and see if you can spot the difference between a real jersey and a fake one.

There you have it jersey enthusiasts. Hopefully you are more knowledgable about the jersey game and are ready to be part of our community. We’d love to hear any thoughts or ideas you’ve got and as usual make sure to send over any random jerseys you see to @BaconSports.

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