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Joe Theismann is so Wrong About Lawrence Phillips at the1996 NFL Draft

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This ESPN NFL Draft video from back in 1996 is an absolute gem. It’s pretty long so I’ll give you the points that you need to jump to in order to get to the good stuff.

45 second mark: Joe Theismann says, “I do think that Lawrence Phillips is a good pick here”. Great call on that one Joe, I see why all of the networks were so elated to keep you on air. Using the logic of “take the problems off the field away” doesn’t exactly work when said player is crazier than a gorilla on acid. That’s like saying, “Latrell Sprewell and PJ Carlesimo have a fantastic relationship minus Sprewell trying to choke/kill him”. I’ve said some dumb stuff in my life but there is definitely nothing on video that I’ve said dumber than “I think Lawrence Phillips is a good pick here”.

3:42 mark: Mike Tirico throws it out to Dr. Jerry Punch who seems to be doing this interview from outside of a Nascar track in Martinsville, Virginia. He even has on a shirt with a freaking checked flag on it. How was this ever allowed? This would be like having Sal Pal give his insight on the NBA Draft while being live at the Meadowlands.

6:08 mark: Mark Gottfried tries to tell us why he believes that Nebraska’s option running QB Tommie Frazier can succeed in the NFL as a quarterback. How someone at ESPN hasn’t burned this tape I have no clue. Everything that is coming out of every analysts mouth is complete sports vomit.

8:43 mark: “Here are some pretty well known names…their opinions on Tommie Frazier”. Bobby Beathard, San Diego Chargers GM: “Tommie Frazier…I think is a quarterback”. What the hell is that? A GM of an NFL team only thinks that the guy who lead his team to back to back National Championships and was second in the Heisman Trophy balloting was a quarterback. Now that is some thought provoking analysis there.

When you sit back and watch the NFL Draft tonight think about this video. Mel Kiper isn’t perfect but at least he didn’t say that Lawrence Phillips was a good selection.

Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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