Breaking down the 2005 NFL Draft

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It’s easy to jump on the 49ers for taking Alex Smith number 1 overall out of Utah. Ya he hasn’t panned out but looking back on it now were the other options that much better? Lets take a look at some of the good and bad of the first round that year.

#2. Ronnie Brown – he only topped 1000 yards rushing once so far and only twice in 6 years has he played all 16 games. Even Reggie Bush thinks that Brown hasn’t lived up to his potential.

#3. Braylon Edwards – he is more known for getting in fights with Lebron James crew and dropped passes then anything. In 07′ he had 80 catches, almost 1300 yards and 16 TD’s receiving. Other than that he has never had a 1000 yard season or more than 61 catches in a season.

#4. Cedric Benson – he was a bust on the Bears, came back with the Bengals and had two nice seasons. However, he enjoys getting arrested and his profile picture looks like he just sparked up a J.

#5. Cadillac Williams – he was the ROY but that season has been his only 1000+ yard rushing year. His career has been more like a KIA that has been in the shop a few times but is somehow still running.

#6. Pacman Jones – he has a mug shot with a neck brace on. Enough said.

#7. Troy Williamson – he has been turdtastic. His season high was 37 catches and 455 yards receiving in 06′. Just to show how crappy he was, that season the Vikings leading receiver was Travis Taylor. Yuck!

Other notable picks: David Pollack (broken neck), Erasmus James (worse than Big Daddy Wilkinson. Awesome draft Minnesota), Matt Jones (coke head).

Two other QB’s were taken in the first round that year: #24 was Aaron Rodgers and #25 was Jason Campbell. Ouch. So Aaron Rodgers just won the Super Bowl and is currently one of the top 3 QB’s in the NFL. Maybe it’s time for the 49ers to cut their losses and give Jim Druckenmiller another chance.


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