Adam Pally Interview: The Mets, Knicks & Hot Sauce

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Yesterday my friends at Cap’n Crunch hooked it up with a sneak preview of The Crunch Bowl, a cool obstacle course event held at North Ave Beach in Chicago, plus a 10-minute interview with Adam Pally, who you might know as Max from the TV show Happy Endings or the improv and sketch comedy he did at Upright Citizens Brigade. This is the awesomeness that what went down.

I got the party started by GoPro’ing my bike ride from my place in Old Town down to The Crunch Bowl.

Adam Pally was a cool dude. He is a sports fan, creator, and did improv and sketch comedy (among other things) and since those are some of the things I’m passionate about in my life I was excited to interview him. We talked about his outlook for the Knicks this season, the Mets/Cubs NLCS matchup, the And 1 tour, as well as some tips about being a creator/comedian/entertainer.

Here’s some photos of The Crunch Bowl setup. I really dug the engagement and creativity that Cap’n Crunch put together with this. It gave their fans an opportunity to interact in a fun and unique way (think Double Dare meets Nickelodeon Guts).

The Crunch Bowl Chicago (1) The Crunch Bowl Chicago (3)
Select fans get an opportunity to joust a Pirate while others throw foam Cap’n Crunch at them. There certainly needs to be more throwing cereal in my life.

The Crunch Bowl Chicago (4) The Crunch Bowl Chicago (5) The Crunch Bowl Chicago (6)
Riding a shark is way cooler and fiercer than riding a bull.

The Crunch Bowl Chicago (7) The Crunch Bowl Chicago (8)
“I was gonna propose to her? Where? Universal Tour. You’re kidding, what part?! When Jaws pops out of the water.”

The Crunch Bowl Chicago (9) The Crunch Bowl Chicago (10)
The Crunch Bowl Chicago (2) The Crunch Bowl Chicago (11)
Agrocrag meets giant slide.

The Crunch Bowl Chicago (12)
You slide into a pool of milk and Cap’n Crunch. Yes please!

The Crunch Bowl Chicago (13)
(insert Homer Simpson voice) Mmm…donuts

The Crunch Bowl Chicago (14)
There was even a climbing wall with the goal of touching the spoon at the top first.

The Crunch Bowl Chicago
Participants had to dig under those X’s Double Dare style (like finding a flag under that giant pepperoni pizza).

The Crunch Bowl Chicago (15)
First to ring the bell next to the bowl of Cap’n Crunch is the winner.

The Crunch Bowl Chicago (16)
Winner Winner Cap’n Crunch Dinner!

The Crunch Bowl Chicago (17)
Shout out to Adam Pally for taking the time to talk and good luck to him on his next project in Toronto. Also a shout out to Rachel from Olson (via Luis) for hooking this up.



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