Bacon Sports: A Content & Fan Engagement Case Study

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bacon sports case study

At Bacon Sports we help brands engage sports fans and turn that attention into action.

Through our multi-channel content approach, we create high quality content and marketing that tells your brand story in a fun, authentic, and engaging manner.

When done correctly your audience will look forward to hearing from you, allowing you to continue building that relationship.

The way we first started getting good at this was by creating content for our own brand and organically building our sports fan community. Here is a look at the results we’ve delivered using this methodology.


Having a blog for your brand can be a great outlet for increasing attention while also delivering something of value to your audience. It also allows people searching for what you do the ability to find you.

Over 2000 articles and 1.5 million unique visitors later and we have used our blog as the foundation to throw events, sell apparel, and build a community of bacon loving, jersey rocking, sports fans.

The key to engaging Facebook posts that receive high organic reach is creating visually stimulating content that gives your audience an opportunity to interact with your brand. It is a foundational way of thinking that’ll allow you to build long term relationships with your audience because your focal point is on how you can serve them.

We were able to organically build Bacon Sports Facebook following to over 3000 fans following this principle.

Twitter is great for real time commentary, especially with sports. It allows you to be part of the conversation, continue growing the relationship with your audience, while also reaching new fans. It is important that your content on Twitter is unique to the platform as it gives your audience a reason to engage with your brand.

We’ve grown Bacon Sports audience to over 3000 followers by using a combination of pictures, gifs, videos, and jokes, with commentary on trending sports topics.

When done correctly Twitter can definitely help grow your brand.

Twitter polls are a great way to engage your audience and add variety to your content mix. They are fun and interactive, allow you to be part of the real time sports conversation, and you can even use them as a conversation starter for other pieces of content on your other social media platforms.

Instagram is a visual platform that allows you to creatively tell your brand story through pictures and videos. Because consumer attention and organic reach are high on the platform, there’s a great opportunity engage your community while also being discovered by new fans.

Bacon Sports is #1 community for sports fans that love jerseys so we have used the platform to bring together over 5000 like minded fans.

Snapchat is a great platform to increase your brand awareness and word of mouth. One way we’ve done that for Bacon Sports is by creating custom Snapchat Geofilters at events.

A great example of this is during the Cubs playoff run where we created a Harry Caray inspired geofilter outside Wrigley Field. We were able to deliver a cost per action of $0.08 while also reaching over 20,000 targeted sports fans.

Creating YouTube videos is a great way to tell your story, increase attention, and grow your brand because we all know your audience watches videos.

In this video from the Bacon Sports Awesomest NFL Draft Party we captured the reactions of Browns fans when the team drafted Johnny Manziel. Not only was it a great way to showcase what was going down at the party, but the video continued to gain attention thanks to Manziel’s rollercoaster NFL career so it continued to build the brand years later.


With mobile usage continuing to increase, podcasting has become a growing opportunity for brands to tell their story. One of the reasons it is so effective is because it is just you and the listener. There are fewer distractions which allows your message to resonate deeper. As podcasting continues to grow the brands who invest in telling their story now will be the ones to reap the rewards.

For Bacon Sports we’ve published over 250 podcasts resulting in over 96,000 downloads, plus another 400 episodes and 250 downloads of our Sports Marketing Huddle podcast. The podcasts serves not only as a form of entertainment but as a way to natively promote our offerings and create another positive brand interaction. It gives fans something to look forward to every week.


Would you like to build a community and get more fan engagement out of your social media marketing? Would you like to create high quality content across multiple channels that helps grow your brand? If so contact Rob Cressy at

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