Bacon Sports Trivia: College Basketball Edition

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sports-trivia-college-basketballWith the holiday tournaments wrapping up, the conference hoops season is about underway. In honor of that, this week’s Bacon Sports Trivia is focusing on college basketball. See if you can get more questions correct than Derrick Rose did on his SATs.

1. What Big 10 school can claim to have the last team to go undefeated for an entire season, finishing 32-0?

2. What college basketball power can claim to have the highest number of Naismith Award winners with 7?

3. What conference has made the most appearances in NCAA tournament history?

4. As currently constructed, the SEC has had a total of 11 NCAA hoops titles. UK has 8 and Florida has 2. What other SEC school has won a national title?

5. This PAC-12 school has played more NCAA hoops games than any other school. Who are they?

6. This UNC Tar Heel is the only player in NCAA history to be named an All-American 4 times. Who is he?

7. What NCAA powerhouse was the first #2 seed to lose to a #15 seed in the NCAA tournament?

8. Due to some shady activity, this former Conference USA program had to vacate the most wins (33) in NCAA history in one season. Who was this team?

9. This former #1 overall NBA pick was the last player to win the Naismith Award and also lead his team to a national championship. Who is he?

10. This AAC team has won the most games as a program without having ever won an NCAA title. Who are they?

Here are some vintage clips of one Robert Montgomery Knight. He was always good for something outrageous.





1. Indiana Hoosiers in 1975-1976
2. Duke
3. The Big 10 with 235 total appearances
4. Arkansas (1994)
5. Washington St. Cougars 2,976 games
6. Tyler Hansbrough 2006-2009
7. Syracuse lost to Richmond in 1991
8. Memphis in 2007-2008
9. Anthony Davis, Kentucky 2011-2012
10. Temple Owls


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