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chris mills cavs jerseySometimes a random jersey gets sent our way that absolutely floors us. This weekend that happened as our friend Mark Stafford captured this Hoopster rocking a Chris Mills Cavaliers jersey in Brussels. Seeing someone wearing a Chris Mills jersey in Cleveland none the less anywhere in the United States would be impressive but to see it in Brussels takes this to a whole other stratosphere. As you can see by the looks on the faces of the guys at this bar they can’t believe what they are seeing either.

So what it is about seeing a Chris Mills jersey that makes it so dope? To start Mills was only on the Cavs for four seasons and while there he was decent but not great. He averaged double digit points in three of his four seasons, was average on the glass (about 5 boards per game), and didn’t do much with the rock (around 2 dimes per game). Those numbers say nice contributor but not “I need to go and buy his jersey ASAP and never take it off”. It would be like 15 years from now seeing someone in Prague rocking a Taj Gibson Bulls jersey.

Considering his lack of star power you’d expect there to be very few Chris Mills jerseys in circulation and even fewer of them in a foreign country . It’s not like he was Mark Price, Brad Daugherty, fat Shawn Kemp, or even Craig Ehlo. Those I could at least make a decent argument for why they are still around. My guess is that this guy is a Cavs fan and was at this 1994 game vs the Orlando Magic where Chris Mills hit the game winning shot. That moment resonated so much with him that Chris Mills became “his guy”.

I give this jersey an A+ for randomness, A+ for location, and put it up for consideration for jersey of the year award. Is this worthy of being in the upper echelon of random jerseys? Hit us up in the comments and let us know what you think.

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