Brett Favre Gets His Groom Back

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brett-favre-microtouch-magicIf Brett Favre’s Micro Touch commercial is any indication, retirement is good for the ole gun slinger. Not only does he get to kick it in real, comfortable, jeans but he gets to ride around on a tractor and have a hot chick feel his face next to a Corvette while he keeps his nose, ear and eyebrow lettuce tight. Talk about a dream come true.

What is a bit perplexing about the Micro Touch commercial is that Farve is OK with going on national television and showing us his somewhat awkward and uncomfortable facial expressions when he’s getting his trim on. Making sure that you don’t look like Eugene Levy is a necessity for every man, but Favre looks like he’s in some pretty deep thought when he’s trimming those ears. It’s like he’s being careful to make sure that he doesn’t somehow jam the Micro Touch into his ear canal. When he’s trimming his nose he looks like he’s doing an impression of Sgt. Slaughter. With his eyebrows he looks straight out of Star Trek and with his neck and sideburns, well, it’s a look that says, “I just took the best dump of my life.”

I’d like to thank Favre for the unintentional comedy that he has brought with this Micro Touch commercial. He certainly has his groom back and I’m glad that he decided to share it with the world.

Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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