Star Spangled Badass: the Chicago Blackhawks National Anthem

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jim-cornelison-national-anthemI firmly believe the Chicago Blackhawks have the best rendition and tradition for The Star Spangled Banner not only in the NHL but in all of sports. I literally get goosebumps every time I go to the United Center; proudly standing and going absolutely bonkers during National Anthem. Getting to the game early and in my seat so I don’t miss it is one of the few things in my life I am ALWAYS on time for. I’m late to work far too much. Fantasy drafts, yup. Late for dinner dates, that’s a layup. Jim Cornelison belting out The Star Spangled Banner at a Hawks game, perfect attendance.

Jim Cornelison is the Star Spangled Badass who’s ridiculous tenor voice amps up the crowd to arena shaking levels every Blackhawks home game. He started singing the anthem at home games for the Blackhawks in 1996 part time, and has been doing it full-time since 2007.  He’s so good the Bears and Bulls hire him as an anthem mercenary for home playoff games.

As a red-blooded American nothing makes me more proud than twenty thousand strangers coming together to hoot & holler for the good old U S of A, and trust me, they do it better than anyone in the Windy City. I currently reside in the great city of Chicago but I wasn’t born here, and I never lived here until after college so there’s no bias or hidden agenda’s tainting my opinion on this subject. Seriously, this anthem makes me feel like a combination of Maximus Decimus Meridius in the coliseum mixed with King Leonidas kicking nerds into the Pit of Death.

If you’re not a Blackhawks fan, or have never heard of this legendary tradition, take a gander at the below video I shot this past Tuesday at “The Madhouse on Madison” before the Blackhawks playoff opener vs the Wild. Chicago fans have certainly earned that arena moniker and the anthem is what fuels the raucous atmosphere and sets the table for fans to create a great home ice advantage. If this doesn’t get you amped, I’d like you to please punch yourself in the face and move to either Canada or Europe. Maybe somewhere exists where they’ve never heard of America, go there, I’m sure they be thrilled to have you.

So, what do you think? Do you agree it’s the Chicago Blackhawks National Anthem is the best rendition you’ve seen? Maybe you’re privy to another team/city’s awesome tradition for The Star Spangled Banner, if so let us know on Twitter @BaconSports.