Comparing the Chicago Blackhawks to an early 90s WWF wrestler

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chicago blackhawks mr perfect

The Chicago Blackhawks are straight spitting fire right now as they are 17-0-3 in their first 20 games. Dare I say that they’ve been damn near “perfect” as they’ve earned a point in every game that they’ve played so far. Up until now there has only been one athlete that has been able to carry the moniker of “perfect”. This guy could throw 50 yard passes to himself, he hit a home run every time he swung the bat, and every shot that he made went in. I’m talking about none other than Mr. Perfect. Below is a video montage showing him display how perfect he is.

Any opportunity I have to infuse the world of sports with 90’s WWF wrestling we are going to take. Do I believe that the Blackhawks are going to keep up this pace and get a point in every game for the reset of the season? Hell ya. If you take it one game at a time I don’t see why this can’t happen. Plus, if you ask yourself “WWMPD?” (What Would Mr Perfect Do) the answer would be “keep on winning”. That’s the only way to be perfect.

What the Blackhawks need now is a finishing move like the Perfect Plex and it’ll be a done deal.

While we are talking Chicago sports I’d like to give a shout out to Wrigleyville Sports. They were a sponsor of the Rock a Jersey party that we threw last weekend. Both us and the Bacon Babe of the party (who won a $50 giftcard) were thrilled to have them be a part of the event. If you are looking to step up your Bulls or Blackhawks gear then check them out. They’ve got some sweet deals going on.


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