Craig Sager’s Fly Suits

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craig sager purple suit

Craig Sager’s suits are as pimp as cruisin down the streets of Houston rollin on twenty foh’s listening to some Swisha House tunes. Once again we’ll be brining you the weekly suits that our man Craig Sager is rocking during TNT’s Thursday night basketball. To start off the season we are dropping a three spot on you as we were a little tardy on getting these out.

craig sager's purple suit

Last Thursday Craig Sager went with the crushed purple velvet suit that is straight out of the Grimace collection. I’m sure he is just giving homage to his favorite beverage, purple drank. Somewhere JaMarcus Russell is smiling.

craig sager's suit polka dot tie

What happens when you combine your love for the game Twister and pair it with a bland shower curtain? This Craig Sager suit. This suit makes me think of my grandma putting plastic on her couch. I’ve never understood that concept. Speaking of things I don’t understand, I just can’t figure out why people leave the price tag or sticker on new hats that they buy. That looks almost as bad as Andrew Bynum’s haircut. Can you imagine if you decided to expand on this trend and just leave the tags on everything that you bought? You’d look like one broke ass dude.

craig sager's red suit

An overlooked aspect of Craig Sager’s suits is that they have the ability to put anyone within five feet of them into a robot like trance. Case in point is Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers who looks mesmerized like he just saw an alien nail a half court shot. Our man Sager looks unfazed in his red cake frosting suit.

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