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Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs for making it the MLB postseason for the first time since 2008. With my hometown Pittsburgh Pirates in town for a weekend series myself and G-Hunt made our way up to Wrigleyville for the Saturday tilt (September 26, 2015). Per usual here’s a look at the best jerseys we saw along the way.


So it’s gonna be that kinda party huh? I knew it was gonna be a great day when the first Cubs jerseys I see out of the gate are Nick Swisher and Gary Gaetti. This might be the greatest random Cubs jerseys duo I’ve captured. (Update: Nick Swisher never played for the Cubs. I have no idea whose jersey that is.)

pirates vs cubs jerseys (2)

While waiting for G-Hunt I decided to grab a beer at Sports Corner which lead me to this Cubs fan rocking a Ryan Dempster jersey. Ryan Dempster once bought my friend Nate Dogg a shot at the bar in Cincinnati. The story goes, Nate Dogg is Indian (dots not feathers) and Ryan Dempster thought he was a different Indian guy that apparently he knew. Being a big baseball fan and knowing it was Ryan Dempster he gladly took the shot.


Shout out to Schulman for repping the Bacon Sports Tecmo Bowl T-Shirt. On the right is a custom Bacon Sports Cubs shirt that G-Hunt created.


This Milton Bradley Cubs jersey is even better than the Nick Swisher jersey. You’ve gotta be one crazy dude to love Milton Bradley. On the right is a Joe Maddon Cubs shirsey. I can’t think of many MLB managers who’s shirsey you’d want to rock. However, Maddon is so cool that it actually makes sense.


Shout out to our friends at Brixen Ivy. It was my first time watching a game from this rooftop and it was legit. The view and food were good, the staff was friendly, and I had a great experience there.

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I’m a sucker for Greg Maddux Cubs jerseys.

pirates vs cubs jerseys (4)

Dual awesomeness in this pic. I didn’t know there was another White Mamba other than Brian Scalabrine. Much love to this dude rocking the old school Padres jersey. I can only hope it’s an Ozzie Smith.

pirates vs cubs jerseys (6)

We’ve got a soccer jersey in the house.

pirates vs cubs jerseys (5)

I took this shot of the Cubs players parking lot from over a fence. The white Lambo is Jason Motte’s car and then brown van on the left is Joe Maddon’s (it’s a 1976 Dodge Tradesman).

pirates vs cubs jerseys (7)

The same guy in the Joe Madden from earlier (he was on a different rooftop) riding piggy back on another dude. I’ve gotta flag it! Also, shout out to the FDASOX shirt. I hadn’t seen that one before.

pirates vs cubs jerseys (8)

“I think I’m going to wear my 4XL Long Lawrence Taylor to the Cubs vs Pirates game today.”

pirates vs cubs jerseys (9)

Francisco Liriano pitched a gem as the Pirates beat the Cubs 4-0. Wrigley Field was packed and the atmosphere was electric.

pirates vs cubs jerseys (14)

I didn’t capture as many jerseys as usual due to not being in the stands, but the randomness of the jerseys was top-notch. This Thomas Jones Bears jersey capped off what was a phenomenal day.

pirates vs cubs jerseys (10)

Cubs fans still love Ryan Theriot.

pirates vs cubs jerseys (11)

Cubs fans are still irrational about how good Geovany Soto was. He started his career with the Cubs by hitting .285 with 23 HR and 86 RBI’s winning Rookie of the Year and making the All-Star team. After that he was just an average hitter with occasional pop that never continued his ascent. His jersey certainly should not continue to be in circulation.

pirates vs cubs jerseys (12)

We stopped in Old Crow for one and found out that it was an Ohio State bar and the Buckeyes were playing. Shout out to this custom Eddie George Buckeyes jersey. Dude was a beast.

pirates vs cubs jerseys (13)

Until about one second ago I thought this was a Mitch Williams Cubs jersey. Then I did my fact checking and found out it’s a Billy D Williams Cubs jersey. Lame. A Mitch Williams jersey would have been much cooler (Mitch Williams wore #28).

Per usual my time in Wrigleyville was a blast. It’s great to see meaningful baseball being played in Wrigley in September.

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