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Finding Self Awareness with Curt Mercadante | Rob Cressy Show (Ep 234)

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curt mercadante
Curt Mercadante, host of The Freedom Club podcast, joins the Rob Cressy Show to talk about how to find self awareness, living your purpose, being fulfilled, and why it’s OK to piss people off. Included in this is how not to get caught up in “Likes” culture, becoming an acquired taste, and finding freedom.

Connect & Feedback (I want to hear from you):

  • You can connect with Curt Mercadante on Linkedin and on Instagram @CurtMercadante.
  • Did this podcast get you to take action in some way? What do you do to stand out and be remarkable? How did you find self awareness? I’d love your thoughts and feedback on our conversation. You can hit me up on LinkedIn on Twitter @RobCressy and Instagram @Rob_Cressy.

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