NFL Draft Town Dance Party

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Last week I was at the first two days of the NFL Draft doing my thing, documenting all the sweet jerseys, fans, and awesomeness. As someone who is always down to get down on the dance floor, I was happy to see that the NFL had a music stage which alternated between some sort of act (drummers, cheerleaders) and playing some tunes.

There were times in which the DJ was on point and when that happened my ass was on the dance floor/grass. Here’s a few videos showing the levels of dancing that were going down at NFL Draft Town.


I got this party started on Thursday when I noticed three girls (one being a Steelers fans) cutting a major rug by themselves. Then the Spring Break song to end all Spring Break songs came on and it was on. I was getting down with them like I was at Club La Vela in Panama City. Then a not so unexpected thing happened, more people joined the dance party.

Being the first person to dance is a weird thing for most people as they don’t like to put themselves out there for fear of looking like a fool. Myself on the other hand, I’m always bout it bout it. I just love dancing and don’t care where or when, I’m always ready. Next thing you know we’ve got a full-blown dance circle with kids running around. #BecauseItsTheNFLDraft


The real stars of the show were the three girls from the beginning. Not only were they having a blast dancing but they decided to increase the degree of difficulty by dancing with beers on their head. I’ve got a good idea for what they should be putting on their Tinder profile: Went to NFL Draft and Danced With Beer on Head. No doubt that would shoot to the top of any guys list. Bravo girls, you were awesome!


These two girls were a trip and gave zero craps. There’s something about Salt n Pepa’s Push It that activates the booty shaking cortex of your brain and gets you grinding extra hard. Shout out to Roger Goodell for keeping grinding in mind when creating NFL Draft Town. It was much appreciated.


While chasing down a dude in a John Kitna camo lined Lions jersey I came across these guys popping & locking. After about one second of seeing them contort themselves like Gumby I was hooked. This is the type of stuff you see on So You Think You Can Dance. Shout out to them for doing their thing.


I’ve gotta give a shout out to one more guy I met on the streets outside NFL Draft Town. This guy, who goes by Polie Da Great, was out front slinging CD’s. I figured I could help him more by giving him a chance to spit his flow and let all you know about it. You can check out his stuff at If you like his stuff then show him some love.

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