Digging Through my Baseball Cards

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Random Baseball Cards, charles nagy card, harold miner cardThis weeks batch of cards definitely has some gems. Four of the Six players (Michael Jackson, Howard Johnson, Rich Rodriguez, Tim Converse) would qualify for an All Name Team.

1. Michael Jackson, 92′ Upper Deck – His real last name is Dyson. For some reason he was partial to using Jackson so he went with it. This reminds me of a fantastic scene from a movie in which someone has the same name as a famous person. He is currently the Mayor of Tangipahoa, Louisiana which in 2000 had a population of 747. He probably figures that no one there would remember that he played for the Browns.

2. Harold Miner, 93′ Skybox “Thunder” – This card was actually in a soft plastic sleeve which was then in a hard plastic case. Apparently when I was 13 I thought that this card was going to be the one that pays my college tuition. On the back of this card is Steve Smith (Heat) and it says “Lightning”. Solid.

3. Charles Nagy, 92′ Upper Deck – This is one of the most baffling pictures on a card of all time. Charles Nagy, a pitcher for the Indians, is shown hitting. This was 1992 and Interleague play didn’t start until 1997. At that point in his career he had zero career at bats so this picture had to of been taken during Spring Training. For his career Nagy was 2 for 19 with 10 K’s.

4. Howard Johnson, 92′ Studio – On the back of the card Studio tells us the following: his nickname is HoJo (shocking), his hobby is deep sea fishing, he has three children, and he loves to face Kevin Gross (he’s 23 for 62 with 5 HR’s). It must be so cool to be named after a below average hotel chain.

5. Rich Rodriguez, 92′ Upper Deck – He was involved in two trades that I found interesting. In 89′ he was traded to the Padres for a guy named Brad Pounders. Fantastic name there Brad. In 93′ he and Gary Sheffield were traded to the Marlins for two no name guys and Trevor Hoffman. Rodriguez claim to fame is that he was the first pitcher to ever give up a “Splash Home Run” at Pac Bell in San Fran. The player on the other end of the transaction was Barry Bonds.

6. Jim Converse, 93′ Fleer Ultra Rookie – This guy was a grade A turd. The only thing interesting about him (other than the fact that he somehow has to be related to the guy who created Converse shoes) is that he was once the “player to be named later” in a trade. The first part of the trade was the Mariners receiving an end of his career Vince Coleman. For the rest of his life Jim Converse can say that he was traded straight up for Vince Coleman.


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