Digging Through my Baseball Cards

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This week we’ve got a mixed bag of baseball, basketball, and football cards. Just digging through these reminds me of how awesome it was to collect cards. Too bad that once you got to high school/college/post college girls didn’t bang you based on how awesome your card collection was.

1. Jim Everett, 94′ Pinnacle – What is the first thing that you think of when you hear Jim Everett’s name? This. That happened in 1994.

2. Greg Jefferies, 90′ Topps All-Star Rookie – He will go down as one of the biggest busts in sports card history. This all started with a Topps Future Star card and then continued with this current Topps All-Star Rookie card. In 89′ he was coming off of a performance in which he hit .258 with 12 HR’s and 56 RBI’s. Apparently Topps was very cavalier in throwing around the term “Future Star” and “All-Star”. Jefferies is now a hitting instructor in California.

3. Darrin Hancock, 95′ Upper Deck “Michael Jordan Draft Analysis” – The back of his card says “Charlotte has its eye on an NBA Championship and they’ve made the right moves in the draft. Getting Darrin at No. 38 is a steal”. Great call on this one Upper Deck. Hancock only played 3 seasons in the NBA, averaged 3.5 ppg, 1.3 boards, and 0.7 dimes. Who were some notable players taken after Hancock in the 94′ draft? Damon Bailey, Voshon Lenard, and Lawrence Funderburke.

4. Craig Hodges, 91′ NBA Hoops – We all know that he was money at the NBA Three Point Shootout. What you might not remember is that after winning the shootout in three consecutive years (90′-92′) he was not on a roster for the 93′ season. The NBA allowed him to defend his title but because he was not on a team he wore a jersey that just said “NBA”. Because I was not able to find a picture of him in that jersey I’ll instead show you a video of him nailing 19 in a row during the 91′ Three Point Shootout. At the end of the video there is a very nice jinx by the announcers.

5. Chris Hoiles, 92′ Studio – The back of his card says “Hobbies are hunting and fishing…Favorite singer is Randy Travis; actor is Sly Stallone…Kevin Ritz is his closest friend in baseball…He is single”. It is interesting that Studio opted to tell us things like this as well as who he loves to face (Dave Otto – he was 5 for 7 against him with 2 dingers) and hates to face Jack Morris (1 for 9) instead of actual stats that tell you how good he really is. Hoiles was a career .262 hitter so knowing that he liked Sly Stallone is actually more interesting than seeing how mediocre he was.

6. Mike Jeffcoat, 92′ UpperDeck – The fact that his baseball card has a picture of him holding a football is just awesome. That says it all about Mike. He also strikes a strong resemblance to Squeak Scolari from the highly underrated film “Baseketball”.

Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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