Dogs in Jerseys, TacoPants, and Other Jersey Goodness

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tacopants-michigan-jerseyWhen I’m not writing articles about jerseys, trying to get leaks on new jersey, or wearing jerseys, I spend most of my free time scouring the interwebs looking for more jerseys. Here’s what I found worthwhile this week.

1. Family Feud

I see six family members and five different team jerseys. I’ve heard of a house divided, but this is ridiculous.

2. Patriotic Chiefs Fans

Want to know why we call you the Chefs? Well, yes partly because of the Snickers commercial, but also because you got 9-11 God Bless America backwards. I’m not a fan of customized jerseys, but if you’re going to do it, at least get it right!

3. Unicorns

No, this is not a problem only guys should have. Be proud Jamie, be very proud!


4. Spring Training is Back

I wonder if this jersey modification will come back this year. I would bet yes, but just to be sure, can someone get me Pete Rose on the phone?

5. Not So Fast My Friend

This guy probably wishes he’d saved a few bucks instead of ordering this shirsey since Granger just got bought out after his trade.

6. Unicorns, Hoopsters, and…Jersimals?

I don’t have a name for animals wearing jerseys, but I guess we could start that. Here’s Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller dressing his dogs up.

7. Unicorns in Soccer Jerseys

Come summer this could be huge. Any unicorns out there love soccer?

8. Cleveland…’Nuff Said

A+ for these two unicorns, except the faces they’re making are the same as the faces every Cleveland fan makes, all the time.


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9. Taco Pants

Taco! Burrito! What’s that coming out of your speedo? Tom Brady Michigan TacoPants jersey. NOT Jersey Czar approved!

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10. The Future of the Random Jersey

Congrats to Jason Collins, and I can see his #98 becoming a big #randomjersey many years down the road.


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Ryan Mackman

Ryan Mackman

Ryan Mackman has more jerseys than your girlfriend has shoes, and he's not ashamed of it. If he could, he'd wear a jersey with a tie to work every day, but apparently that's "not professional." The sock game would still be strong, though.