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bacon-croutonsLast week we got called out (in good nature) by CNBC Sports Biz reporter Brian Shactman for a lack of bacon content on our site. He was right, we have bacon in our name but we haven’t been giving you much in the way of bacon content. That’s weak sauce on our part and that is all changing starting today. Like DeSean Jackson not giving full effort in 2011 and then deciding to “give it his all” in 2012 we are rededicating ourselves to the greatest food on the planet. We are going to kick off this Monday morning by giving you five good videos about bacon.

Teasing a dog by talking about bacon and meat. This has been viewed over 130 million times. 

Epic Meal Time creates the most unbelievable bacon dish combos known to man.

“Bacon is good for me”

Jim Gaffigan does a stand-up bit about bacon. You know you’ve made it when comedians start talking about you. 

This is the song on Youtube dedicated to bacon that has the most hits (791,748).

We were put on notice and we’ve responded. We are going to step our game up and in between giving you witty sports humor and sports pop culture content we are going to you stuff about bacon. We want to earn the Bacon part of our name.

So thank you Brian Shactman for turning on the burners so that we can get our bacon started. By the way, you should check out Shact’s show CNBC Sports Biz (it’s one of my favorites). It delves into the world of money surrounding sports and gives you interesting insight that you would otherwise have no clue about. Who wouldn’t want to know about what Johnny Football winning the Heisman Trophy monetarily does for Texas A&M or what buying the naming rights for the New Orleans Superdome did for Mercedes Benz?

I’d love to hear from you. If you have a great bacon recipe, see an amazing video, or find something bacon related that needs to be shared then holla at me ( We want you to be a part of the content that we provide and if it’s good enough we’ll post it.

Now excuse me while I go make some bacon.

Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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