March Madness Trivia Quiz

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march madness trivia questionsThe time of year for work productivity to grind to a halt is upon us. Bracket pool requests have flooded your email inbox, and spreadsheets have been replaced with online streaming of NCAA tournament games featuring Ian Eagle, Jim Spanarkel, and Kevin Harlan. You’re probably doing less than Peter in Office Space. With that in mind, here are a few March Madness trivia questions and answers you can use to impress your friends this weekend.

1. This west coast NCAA basketball powerhouse program holds the record for the longest winning streak at 88 games. Who is it?

2. This former Big East conference member was the last team to win a national title without having made the NCAA Tournament the previous season?

3. What NCAA team is the lowest seed to win the national title? (Hint: They were an 8 seed in 1985)

4. What unlikely member of the 1992 Olympic basketball team holds the record for most career points in the NCAA tournament?

5. This former Big Ten Player of the Year, NBA All-Star, and father of a current Philadelphia 76er, holds the record for most points scored in one NCAA tournament, which he did in 1989?

6. Currently, this team holds the distinction for having the most wins in a season and not getting an invite to the NCAA tournament. It happened to them twice in consecutive years. (Hint: They are in the tournament this season as a low seed).

7. Can you name one of two teams with the lowest winning percentage ever to get a tourney invite? (Hint: It happened to a Big East team in 1991 & an SEC team in 2001).

8. What current NBA All-Star holds the record for most points in a Final Four as a freshman with 53?

9. This 1990’s national title winner holds the record for most points scored as a team in one NCAA tournament?

10. What current Chicago Bulls player holds the record for most blocks in a single NCAA tournament?

11. What state claims the most NCAA D-I basketball titles?

12. This Cinderella team had the lowest regular season ranking of any team to win an NCAA Championship. Who is it?

13. What mid-western city known for its bad baseball team and BBQ has hosted the NCAA Final Four the most times?

14. Since 1979, what NCAA team has been seeded #1 the most number of times?

15. What school has the most combined men’s and women’s Final Four appearances?

Before I reveal the answers, I am going to take a trip down memory lane by including some clips of memorable moments from tourneys past featuring the likes of Ali Farokhmanesh, Bryce Drew, and Harold Arcaneaux.

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1. UCLA – 88 games from 1970-1974
2. UConn Huskies in 2011
3. Villanova as a #8 in 1985
4. Christian Laettner – 407 career points
5. Glen Rice – 184 points in 1989
6. Coastal Carolina with 28 wins in 2010 & 2011
7. Villanova 1991 & Georgia 2001 both 16-14 and a .533 winning percentage
8. Carmelo Anthony – Syracuse 2003
9. 1990 UNLV Runnin’ Rebels with 571 team points in 6 games
10. Joakim Noah – 29 blocks in 2006 tournament
11. California with 15 (UCLA 11, San Francisco 2, Cal 1, Stanford 1)
12. 1983 NC State Wolfpack only reached #15 in the polls during the regular season
13. Kansas City has hosted 10 times
14. University of North Carolina has been #1 a total of 14 times
15. Duke with 12 total appearances (10 men & 2 women)

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