Throwing Down Monster Dunks at the City Slam

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This weekend I went to the City Slam (presented by Brisk) to take in what was the best slam dunk contest that I’ve ever seen in person. With G-Hunt by my side we witnessed an event that was better than anything the NBA Slam Dunk Contest has produced since the days of Vince Carter. Per usual I had me camera with my documenting all the awesomeness going down.

To help set the stage, this event was held at Seward Park (in Chicago) and had a couple hundred people in attendance. The DJ was on point with the hip hop beats and the emcee got the crowd hyped for the amazing dunks we were about to witness. Bulls forward Doug McDermott and Bears WR Alshon Jeffery were in the house as two of the judges. The event was being filmed for ESPN 2 and will air on July 28th at 9 pm EST (you won’t want to miss it).

There were three components to the slam dunk contest, each with an opportunity for the dunkers to bring in some serious cash ($1,000 – $5,000). In the first video you’ll see the “recreate a famous dunk from an NBA Slam Dunk Contest” contest followed by a more traditional highest score/best dunks format. In both sessions the dunks were rim rocking amazing and totally brought the house down.

In this video you’ll see the winning dunker from the “how high can you jump over a bar and still dunk it” contest (aka a High Dunk Contest). The hops that the winner had, appropriately named Jordan, were Boomshakalaka amazing.

Big shout out to 7-Eleven and Brisk for making the City Slam such an amazing event. Also a big shout out to Dougie McBuckets who spent some time afterwards taking pictures and signing autographs with fans. He was super cool and even signed the brim of my Bo Knows hat.

You can check out our YouTube channel for more sports awesomeness like this, including the craziness from Wrigleyville after the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup.

Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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